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2019 Inky Awards- Application advice for fellow readers! (Inky Awards #1)

Hi there!

Sooooo a little birdy whispered in my ear the other day and said to me that the 2019 Inky Awards are coming up and people are thinking about becoming a judge 🙂

You’re probably thinking: “Oh jeez what does an Inky Awards Judge even do?” and as someone who was a judge last year I can tell you from a personal point of view/perspective about what you will be able to do. But as it is a very big topic I’m gonna split it to a few parts. Today I’m gonna talk about the application process part 1: the writing part.


First of all last year was the first time that Shadow Judging became an option for the Inky Awards. Initially I wanted to become a Shadow Judge instead of an Inky Judge because they had less of a number of books to read (and I was in year 10 so I had no idea how I would handle the work load). But at the same time I really wanted to give it a go, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I decided to apply and just go for it. I thought I’d never get in to be honest but they asked me back for the second stage of interviews and after that they told me I was a judge. I was honoured and started grinning like the Cheshire Cat. I was overjoyed.

So on the IAD website on their recent post they said that you need a 500 word written or 3 minute long video application. I chose to write it last year.


Apparently these are the questions to this years Inky Awards:

  • Why do you love to read?
  • Why would you make a great Inky Awards judge?
  • What book do you think is the ultimate YA novel? Why?

I’m not going to provide you with direct answers to these questions but I will give you advice. Just be yourself in your application. Your character should shine through in what you write. They are looking for your passions and who you are. Once you got that down you’re on your way to becoming an Inky Judge!

With why do you love to read well why do you like to read? Is it because it helps you to relax? Does it take you to other worlds? Just be honest with your answer is the best advice I could give you.

The next question is asking you about what skills you have that would make you a good Inky judge? Are you good at writing? Good at speaking to people? Photography? What makes you stand out?

Finally this question should be easy. What is your favourite book? Do you have one? Why/why not? Why is it your favourite?


I hope that somewhat helps or can help you with your application. Don’t be scared about not getting in! It’s worth a shot and what do you have to lose?

If you need some advice you can always reach out in the comments below 🙂

-Sylvs (Inky Judge 2018) <3



Thanks for the advice! I'm applying this year and this was super helpful!

24th Feb, 19

YAS!!!! Please apply! Best experience of my life! You're gonna have so much fun! XD Also thanks, I'll try writing more about the inky awards but after the applications close this Thursday :D

25th Feb, 19

Totally! Great advice and exactly what I would've said if only I could write as well as you :)

25th Feb, 19

Thanks :)
Also you are an incredible writer!
Lol I'm so bad at writing :P

25th Feb, 19