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A Curse of Gold (A Touch of Gold #2) by Annie Sullivan Book Review

ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Where did that come from!

A Touch of Gold was one thing but boy wait until you read its sequel! This was everything I wanted from a book intertwined with greek mythology. I found that the characters were more well-rounded and that the mythological aspects were much richer than that in the first book. I was obsessed with Triton, Dionysus and Poseidon which provided a really fun and interesting tale I simply couldn’t resist.

A Curse of Gold picks up from where A Touch of Gold left off whereby Princess Kora has just returned back to her kingdom and saved her father from illness. What they don’t realise is while one journey is ending, another is just beginning. They will need to battle sea monsters, Gods and make a few new friends along the way to beat the new threat set on destroying Lagonia.

I found that I liked the characters a whole lot more than in the first book. Royce proved himself a worthier love interest for Kora than what was seen before in book 1. I enjoyed reading about their dynamic more and felt like Annie Sullivan, the author sold their relationship a whole lot more to the point that I was convinced they really cared for one another instead of what was hinted at earlier.

I also appreciated how much better the action scenes were in comparison to A Touch of Gold. I was underwhelmed in the previous novel with the action scenes and the reasons behind some of the choices the characters made whereas in this one I was engrossed in the action and felt like the characters definitely developed and matured in how they handled situations.

My only negative… THAT ENDING. If you’ve read it you know exactly what I’m talking about. That one character deserved so much better. I would 100% petition for a third novel to be written just to see that character again. He instantly won my heart over and I wanted the absolute best for him. I was just so heartbroken by the ending I wanted to burst into tears.

All in all, so much better than A Touch of Gold I would be happy to die for these characters I loved them so much and wanted to hug each and every one of them.