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A minor rant on that ONE unnoticed romance book cliche

Hello there!

It has come to my attention that there has been a common trend in YA romance books. AND IT NEEDS TO STOP. It is in literally EVERY romance book that is set in a present time with a stable phone connection and stable internet. It goes something like this and I PROMISE you have seen it.


*Crush calls Main Character at 2am* 

“Hey— oh sorry were you sleeping? I’m sorry if I disturbed you…” 

“No it’s okay. What’s up? 

“I was thinking about what you said [insert quote and insert this whole philosophical hullabaloo here] 


And here’s the thing. This scenario happens all the time. Like seriously HOW ARE YOU AWAKE AT 2AM EVERY NIGHT AND HOW ARE YOU OKAY WITH SOMEONE INTERRUPTING YOUR SLEEP TIME!?!?

See this whole thing is EXTREMELY unrealistic. Name ONE teenager who actually was GLAD you called them at 2AM?

Can’t think of any?

See!? Point proven!

Now HERE’s an actual proper portrayal of this. AHEM:


*Crush calls Main Character at 2am* 

“Hey— oh sorry were you sleeping? I’m sorry if I disturbed you…” 

“Of course I was sleeping it’s bloody 2am in the morning. Whatdya want mate?”

“I was thinking about what you said [insert quote and insert this whole philosophical hullabaloo here]” 

“Yeah yeah that’s nice and all but seriously mate you need to sleep. Can we discuss this in the morning?” 

“It’s already the morning…”

“Later then. And don’t call me again at 2 okay?”


*Hangs up* 


See now that THAT^^ is accurate! I don’t consider myself grouch— okay let me rephrase that. I don’t consider myself rude like that but seriously if I hear ONE buzz of my phone when I’m sleeping no matter who it is I would get angry not going to lie and I think I can speak for everyone here even adults.

There’s also other cases like:

*Crush calls Main Character at 2am* 

*Call goes to voicemail because you are sleeping* 

See? That’s another problem. Some people can get into such deep sleep nothing could awaken them. Not even a phone call or even a fire alarm. I just don’t get how people could just wake up from sleeping to suddenly answer their phone COMPLETELY fine with this. And the problem is I see this cliche so often nowadays. It’s small however it is not getting unnoticed. At least anymore >=(


-Sylvs <3






This!! It always bothers me so much especially when the characters don’t usually talk on the phone and I’m like... you do realise we just text each other? Also, it’s really rude to call someone that early - the only way someone would pick up the phone and not be mad is if it was an emergency. Anyways, that’s my rant of the day done

2w ago

EXACTLY! Thank you! I'm reading A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi at the moment and this scene popped up and I just got so triggered by it it's not even funny. You're right with the emergency thing if it was like "Hey are you awake? I really need someone right now. My Gran's in hospital they don't think she'd make it" or something that serious then sure, it makes sense to call someone right? however if it's just "to talk" then surely you could just wait until school/uni the next day.

2w ago
inky State Library Victoria

And should you have your phone in your room by your bed? I don't think that's healthy. I think we should spread this rant to all the contemporary authors out there.

2w ago

In YA contemporary they ALWAYS have their phones with them next to their beds and it's just so annoying to read this cliche in every single contemporary book. Also like @imosshelf just said, why would they suddenly call if they usually text anyway? It's very hard to do it and even harder to whisper talk without your parents knowing.

2w ago

I don't think it's too far fetched. Almost all teens I know are awake past 12AM and are willing to entertain friends. Though if I were them I would not call someone at 2AM over something that was said. It's also not a healthy habit to maintain by being an insomniac and having your phone in your bedroom

2w ago

Yeah I guess in a sense it is however in the book I'm reading they almost call each other every night at that time and talk about how much they miss each other. Thing is they talk for hours instead of it being for like 10 minutes max. (The book also is set in 2002 with limited calls and texting so I have no idea how this would've gone past their parents with bills and stuff. The book also mentions that her parents literally attack her for her phone use)

2w ago