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A Shadows Breath by Nicole Hayes Book Review

I love getting back to good ol’ #LoveOzYa! I must admit after a year or so I stopped reading as many Australian books but I’m really glad to be getting into the habit of reading more of them. A Shadow’s Breath was a nice start to my Australian book binge. It was neither the best book ever nor the worst. I’d rate it right in the middle roughly a 3.5 stars.

Basically, A Shadow’s Breath is set in the “now” and “then” back in the “then” we see Tessa’s life looking up with her mum getting her life back on track, having a new boyfriend Nick, making new friends and started to paint again. But life takes a turn when Nick and Tessa are both trapped in a car injured and stranded in the wilderness with dangers all around them the story becomes one of survival.

I liked the writing specifically the “now” parts they were really engaging and I was on the edge of my seat. But this anticipation didn’t last since the chapters are short and chapters are dedicated to the “now” and “then” parts. The “Then” parts are more calmer and for a while I couldn’t connect the dots between previous “then” parts and the “then” part I was currently reading until the very end. So, during the middle of the book (which is where I usually have somewhat of an idea of what I should rate the book) I was trying to search for clarity in the thickness of fog. Luckily it cleared up a little bit by the end and everything then linked by around the 10 pages left mark.

All in all, it was a nice read for people who like light-hearted thrillers (if you would call this book a thriller but it was more of a survival book) and I thought that this was a great break from heavy fantasy novels but it still gave readers this small little adrenaline rush.




I was very disappointed with the ending. But it was very well written

17th Oct, 18

Agreed I didn't like the ending much either but it was still a good read :)

18th Oct, 18