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Hello there!

So it’s obvious that Twilight has its problems… for starters Edward should just go. He’s a creep with a pretty face that should’ve been dumped since book one. Bella and Jacob EASILY should’ve belonged together right? Well I HAVE ANSWERED FOR PRAYERS here’s a less cringey, more bloody and LESS EDWARD-y version of the Twilight series. I only wrote synopsis for each of these 😉



Bella falls in love with Edward. They meet Lawrence, James and Victoria after Edward taking her out for a date to meet his family. James tracks Bella to the Ballet Studio in Phoenix where James turns Bella into a vampire. Edward ends up killing James and drinks his blood. Bella, a newly found vampire gets angry Edward ate her meal and eats him up.

Book 2: NEW MOON

Bella is in depression because she ate her boyfriend and her dad who she killed that same night when she came home. Billy, the leader of the wolf pack decides enough is enough and tries to stop Bella from eating more humans. Jacob, Billy’s son decides to go with Billy where he falls in love with Bella through her magic vampire power: Hypnotic Beauty that makes her irresistible to anyone she tries to manipulate. Through this Bella forms a forbidden romance between her, a vampire, and Jacob Black, a werewolf.


Victoria is back in town after Edward killed James with a new vampire army. She tries to get to Forks to kill Bella. Jacob, very protective of Bella comes out to hBilly saying he loves a psycho vampire chic who has no control over her blood urges. Jacob tries to persuade Billy to allow him and the rest of the Quilette Wolf Pack to fight for her. Bella, Billy and Jacob end up fighting Victoria together. Victoria ends up bashing Bella and Bella’s hypnotic beauty falters and Jacob gets out from Bella’s spell. jacob, obviously annoyed from Bella’s manipulation of him ends up killing Victoria before killing Bella.




I hope I was supposed to find this hilarious :P

24th Aug, 19

Hahaha don't worry I was laughing when I made this up XD

24th Aug, 19