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Act of Faith by Kelly Gardiner book review

That book was quite an adventure for 220 pages. Not going to lie about that fact. It was a unique blend of history, philosophy, adventure, travel and of course books. It was a feminist read all about a girl who worked with a controversial editor to publish books in a world where such ideas were dangerous. It was a book with a setting and themes that I didn’t really read about before that or I haven’t read much about in YA.

I found Isabella Hawkins, the main character to be quite modern for her age and I was extremely jealous of how smart she was and how she knew so many languages. I love learning languages personally, learning French and Korean and yes, I would love to learn many more like she did. She knew languages from Italian to Greek and even Latin!

The writing also was commendable it wasn’t like the usual stereotypical YA with easy to read language or the language that we in the 21st century typically use. No, it had more sophisticated language that completely suited the book and the century that it was set in making the characters all the more believable. But from one reader to the next I would like to say that the language shouldn’t be something you stumble over.

I’m keeping this review short simply because it was a short book but all in all it was a fun and quick read that was well written with well-rounded characters. I would recommend this one to anyone who likes a little bit of history and philosophy but want something they can get through fast.