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Angel Cake by Cathy Cassidy Book Review

I have no idea what I feel about this book and it makes me kind of sad. I was expecting this great story about this Polish girl finding her way in Great Britain with no english knowledge of the language. In a way, I guess it was about this but I just didn’t get the classic Cathy Cassidy vibes I get from her other books. Nevertheless it was still enjoyable and well written and I still reckon a lot of middle age-young adult readers would still enjoy it.

Me, having a Polish background myself, enjoyed reading about Anya’s family life and getting that glimpse into Polish culture that I see in my own family. I thought it was a great thing to see in a book since we don’t see much of typical European cultures being portrayed in many books nowadays. Maybe I’m not reading that much or I’m not being very diverse but it’s just what I see on the bookshelves.

All in all it was an enjoyable book and I also enjoyed how the romance wasn’t that bold or “laid on thick” for the reader. I still would have loved to see more backstory behind the love interest of Dan and I’d also have liked to see more insight into how Anya adapted to life in Liverpool.