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Autoboyography by Christina Lauren Book Review

Annnnnnnd that is my heart being attacked. Right here. Right now as if I had pieces left to spare.

That book just… [me being a word blob]… I just cannot deal it was just this fragile beautiful 400 paged book held at the seams by my love and adoration.

I’ll try to not spoil much but it’s about a boy named Tanner who enters a course to write a book in 4 months. Mentoring him is the handsome Sebastian, an author who got his book published last year and is offering support and advice to the newbie writers in the group. Tanner is quick to fall in love with him and his feelings grow for him throughout the book but is Sebastian ready to commit himself with Tanner?

So first things first is that with me, Gay or LGBTQ+ books in general are an instantaneous win for me. I LOVE those kinds of books and would read only guy guy/girl girl romance for the rest of my life and wouldn’t mind it. They are so cute and even though I am not LGBTQ+ myself, I love them more than straight relationships portrayed in books. Or at least there was no straight book that stole my heartstrings the way couples like Blue and Simon or Percy and Monty did.

So obviously Autoboyography was a book I just couldn’t resist NOT reading especially since I heard from a friend that it was “Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda level” and I trust this friend with book recommendations and the fact that she compared my absolute favourite book to this book was like saying “Star Wars is better than Harry Potter” (or vice versa) and I wanted to prove her wrong or see if she was right.

In all honesty this book was getting to Simon level and that was something I NEVER EVER IN A MILLION TRILLION YEARS expected myself to say. But I felt like the ending fell short. Maybe that’s just me being me who just wanted this whole big kissing and holding hands sort of thing but just the whole build up of the romance was done on point and I fell in love with Tanner’s writing voice. It was perfect and I must admit I might’ve completely binge read on the airplane I was on. It was like 2 in the morning and I was still reading when I really should’ve been sleeping. But I had no regrets whatsoever.