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Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha #1) By Tomi Adeyemi

Okay… I heard many good things about this book… but I didn’t expect it to be THAT level of amazing!

I chose this book as my very first book for my book club on my Instagram platform: @novelty._ it was a diverse read and well written from what I heard. Other than that I heard only good praises barely to no bad reviews and no spoilers whatsoever. I went in blind… having no idea what was going to happen. It was kind of terrifying I usually would predict what would happen at the end but this book kept me guessing from the get-go. I’ll keep this review as brief as possible but hopefully I’ll be able to highlight what Tomi Adeyemi did to make this book insane and, as bold as a statement this is, probably one of the best fantasy novels since Harry Potter and an even better fantasy than Throne of Glass

So what did Adeyemi do you ask? Well her story was written so flawlessly… I never seen anything like this. The words themselves were magic on a page! Each letter was an atom to ultimately make a star that shone brightly against all the other books. It gave me faith in writing and inspired me to write. I’ve recently been doubting my own abilities but this… this book did everything… character development and how they respond/responded after traumatising events, world building, religion and spiritual backgrounds (the book had a strong influence from African mythology) and also narrative and plot structure… how did she do it? It was like she was writing with a 10 year book writing history behind her, I was shocked to discover this was her debut!

I also follow her on Twitter. I followed her a year before I read Children of Blood and Bone earlier this month. I saw how passionate she was about her novel and that passion and how she poured her soul into her work… you could see the blood, sweat and tears she put in… She’s my writing inspiration. I think I’d regret it so much if I didn’t continue reading her novels. Her descriptions even… this is the showing not telling all my teacher scowled me for in my schooling. Her writing in short is like diamonds shining in a sky: awe-inspiring.

Now that’s enough blabber from me. (I’m sorry I’m really into english) Now CHARACTERS! I’ll go into the three main POV’s we saw which were: Zelie, Amari and Inan:

Zelie: what a bad-ass character! We need her in more books! She was impulsive, she was fierce and most importantly she makes mistakes! In YA we see so many characters who just are flawless: sexy body, gets the girl/boy and can jump into action and kill without a second thought and do it like a superhero (this is completely unrealistic but bonus points for a Hollywood style action scene ;)) but Zelie was so 3D she had flaws and that’s what made her exciting to read about!

Amari: In all honesty I didn’t really like her much. She didn’t really Doanything for me. I don’t know it’s one of those things you can’t explain. I just didn’t like her voice.

Inan: My favourite character. He was seen as an enemy but after a shocking turn of events his softer side was shown. I guess that goes back to the writing of the book: how Adeyemi manipulated the text to make the reader feel one way then another towards the “enemy”


We didn’t get much world building of Orisha or at least I didn’t pick much up but I’m sure in book 2 to be published this year there would be heaps more as Zelie’s story and quest continues. As for the African Mythology: 10/10! Can’t fault it. It was well researched and carefully planned out. I never seen so much culture and mythology inspired by one culture or tradition to be used in 525! I hope Adeyemi continues down this path with the mythology, it was definitely what madeChildren of Blood and Bone stand out.

I’m going to be talking about this book more in detail and I’ll leave it up to you guys on MARCH 31ST! I’ll post a discussion on Instagram and on Inside A Dog! Please come and share your thoughts! After that we will be reading Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emnich! Stay tuned!

ACTUAL RATING: 4.7 STARS (would read the sequel, strong debut, could be the next J.K Rowling)