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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer book review

UPDATE 10/7/2018

This was the second time of reading Cinder and a lot has changed since I last read it in September last year. In other words, I dropped my rating down to a four. My old thoughts and opinions stay the same mostly but I just think that I might have been on a book-high where I was still over the moon about finishing yet another book that had an epic cliffhanger. Cinder is a good book don’t get me wrong but my rating is now a 4.1.



After seeing all my friends read Cinder and the Lunar Chronicles, I thought it was about time I picked it up. I was a bit iffy about the fact that it was another fairy-tale retelling, but after I read (and adored) the A Court of Thorns And Roses series by Sarah J Maas, I thought it was time to give Cinder a try.

The main reason I was off about picking this book up was because I was worried that this book would be a regurgitation of the original Cinderella story. However, this was not the case as the author, Marissa Meyer gave the story an awesome spin whereby the main character Cinder, is a cyborg mechanic in a technologically advanced world where there are netscreens, hovers and a whole other race called the Lunars of which live on the Moon.
This book just made your heart flutter throughout the 390 pages about the charming Prince Kai and laugh out loud when the robot, Iko made another one of her funny, sassy remarks.

I loved how the book also included a plague that affects the kingdom from Cinder’s step-sister Peony to Prince Kai’s father, the Emperor of New Beijing. I was at first curious how Meyer would tie in the plot line about the plague and the plot line of Queen Levana of the Lunars. But she accomplished this in such a way that it was fun and fresh to read.

All in all, Cinder definitely satisfied my booklovers cravings. I would definitely be back to read book 2: Scarlett sometime this year.





Cinder was a good read. Seeing a fairytale retelling in this way was very fun!

23rd Aug, 18

Indeed I binge read the whole series. It was definitely an interesting take!

23rd Aug, 18