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City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) By Cassandra Clare book review

I started reading The Mortal instruments back in 2015 when I was just getting introduced to dark paranormal fantasy romance books I started with City of Bones and was absolutely shocked at the thickness of it (it was only 442 pages but back then it felt as if I was reading Les Misérables and I thought that the font size was the size of the smallest little cookie crumb on earth.) It took me MONTHS to read it (I only read 20 pages a day because I was not used to the small font AT ALL. Mind you this was the older editions of the book which font and printing is so different to The Mortal Instruments series of 2018.) City of Ashes was a great book don’t get me wrong but I would never have been able to write a review of it considering it took me almost 2 and a half months to read it and details of certain scenes become foggy after a while without reading. Fast forward to the present in 2018 where I have since read thicker books and books with smaller font and now can pick words up much quicker than I could years ago. In fact, City of Heavenly Fire, the book I am currently reviewing took me around 3 days to read which is a major improvement from 2 and a half months.

It is easy to say that the Mortal Instruments series has grown up with me and I hope that it would continue to grow up with me as it is a book series very near and dear to my heart and that’s why I put off reading it for years. I thought last year was a good time to pick it up again and I was ready to move on. So now I am at the end of an era and it’s time to say goodbye to The Mortal Instruments and no longer will I ever be able to experience the magic for the first time ever again.

City of Heavenly Fire was like a person’s heartbeat on the monitor. It started off fairly well I’d say but then it went really slowly and then it picked up again at the end (around 500 page mark) I have no words to describe this book and I think it was a VERY bad decision to have been reading this extremely late into the night where everyone would hear you if you screamed. It was an extremely torturous time for me because it was almost impossible to stop me from fangirling severely so I resorted to breathing extremely heavily, cursing under my breath and almost pulling my hair out while severely sweating as if I had a fever. Yes, that is what Cassandra Clare did to me. I warned myself never to read Clare’s books at night and that if I wanted to read her work I must be in a state of complete and utter zen to be able to cope with all these feels.

The book starts off where City of Lost Souls ended with a war looming between the Shadowhunters and The Endarkened (I’m not going to say who they are because it would be a MAJOR spoiler if you haven’t read the previous books) The Clave are trying to find Sebastian Morgenstern and trying to track him down while Shadowhunter numbers are decreasing and their kind are on the edge of extinction and their alliances between vampires, werewolves, warlocks and faeries on edge.

Too much happened in this book and I am desperate to cry my sad tears onto this computer screen but I would be giving out spoilers and nobody wants that. Just know that things got super intense and stuff happened to characters that I loved to bits. What Cassandra Clare did to Simon JUST RUINED ME. I am not okay with it because Simon’s basically my favourite character in the series apart from Magnus, Alec, Isabelle and Jordan. If you read this book then you know that Cassandra Clare is literally targeting and torturing me with her evil whips of words. Even thinking about what she did in this book is making me breathe heavily and cry in pain. I even felt sympathy for Sebastian after what Clare did! Oh! when THAT SCENE HAPPENED I WAS NOT CHILL I WAS ON THE BRINK OF TEARS, I WAS INTERNALLY DYING, INTERALLY SCREAMING AND CRYING!! Oh and what she did with one of the silent brothers that was NOT OKAY to do with me especially because in the ending when two characters ended up being great granddaughter/great grandfather or something THAT WAS NOT A COOL CARD TO PLAY CLARE. This woman just targeted me with every single character. And the development of the Malec ship was just too beautiful I wanted to cry why is it that I love LGBTQ+ romances so much!? It almost made me want to pick up a pen and write some really cringe fan-fic about them. IT WAS THAT LEVEL OF SEVERE!

I NEED to read the next of Clare’s writing. I know I should read The Infernal Devices but my hands are desperate for Lady Midnight and The Dark Artifices but I know that Queen of Air and Darkness is coming out in December and my soul would not be able to cope with all the feels that Clare is an expert in making. I am still rating this book roughly around 4 stars simply because of the 100-200 pages of slowness but it really was made up for with the ending that RUINED me. I am not chill and hardly breathing. Now if you excuse me I’m going to be crying, lying of the floor contemplating the meaning of life and binging on cookies and other junk food I can get my hands on.




Wow you neeeeeed to read the infernal devices. The referencing and parallels to the mortal instruments series are heart stopping and just KYSFHV;KADFBV;OSIBF[AIDFHBLJUHFH;HLSFD;UIH it’s so good. I confess I actually haven’t read Lady Midnight or Lord of Shadows yet but my friend has and she says they’re even better, that Clare’s writing improved and there were’nt as many slow parts. She’s very attached to the shadowhunters universe and knows a lot more about it than me but I would defiantly reccomend continuing with her books

22nd Apr, 18

My heart is definitely not beating but I also heard that The Dark Artifices is even better and that's GREAT because I love Emma and that whole storyline!!!

22nd Apr, 18