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Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer book review


I honestly can’t believe that I spent over a week reading this book! Yes, I was that disappointed in Cress. My friends kept saying: “You should totally read Cress and The Lunar Chronicles!” and it is obvious I took their advice it was just a shame I didn’t enjoy it that much. I just don’t think sci-fi romances are my thing.

Basically the book takes off from where Scarlett left off. I won’t go into detail about that due to spoiler reasons but if truth be told, even when I started reading the book I wanted to stop after page one. maybe it’s because I’m not used to binge reading or maybe it’s just because of the book itself.

But the reason as to why I think such a thing about Cress is that it was just PAINFULLY slow to read. I was falling asleep when reading about Thorne and Cress’ adventures in the desert. The sad part was it was almost 250 PAGES OF THIS SLOWNESS that I definitely didn’t appreciate. I also hated how all the girls and boys ended up getting paired together. The romance between them all were SO OBVIOUS it wasn’t even a surprise when I was reading it. There was no fluffy cuteness at all that made my face go into the love heart emoji face… I was mainly reading with the unamused emoji face.

I’m really sorry I felt this way about the book but I’m just voicing my honest opinions. Never the less I still read Winter which I will soon review.