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Hi there!! 

Before you read on know that this poem is based on a true story of my very first KPOP dance class. It was pretty scary since I had to catch up with every dance. I was absolutely petrified that I was shaking and curled into myself and didn’t talk a lot (which is weird behaviour from me considering I talk a LOT) I was so confused and although I knew people weren’t looking at me I still felt self-conscious. So this story is EXTREMELY real. Even the whole kettle shopping part (let’s just say I might’ve broken our old kettle and we went to David Jones looking for a new one. Spoiler alert we found a great one at Aldi a week later) 

Also know that I don’t write poetry often. Maybe I should/maybe I shouldn’t but this poem was for my assignment in english. 

Quick update: I am continuing to do kpop classes. We are learning Bboom Bboom by Momoland (our main dance), Lip & Hip by HyunA, How’s This by HyunA, Roll Deep by Hyuna and Babe by HyunA (short quick dances). We are actually filming a dance cover to Bboom Bboom. I am practising a lot (not that I’m BTS level amazing at dancing) but I’m also learning Hellevator (by my faves Stray Kids AHHHH *faints and dies on floor*) as a personal project. As of today I learnt only 30 seconds of it!! WOOP WOOP!! But progress is progress and it just so happened “BY ACCIDENT” that my heart just really wanted to learn like the hardest dance ever in kpop!! T_T 

Bboom Bboom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLv5MBuSYDY

Lip & Hip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vThH8Rdts4k

Babe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chslGAEtBzU

How’s This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL-Zrb9Z_ec

Hellevator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGOH6l5j9Zg

Well anyway enjoy my little “dance trauma”!!!! 


The sky was blue,

No clouds in the sky

Trees swaying in the breeze.

Trams, buses, cars

All lost in the city

All lost in the buzz.


After a day spent kettle shopping,

Later spent in a small room

Strangers standing around

chatting in their small groups.


Not whispering about me.

But thinking about me.

The way my hands shook

How I bit in fear on my dry lips

I stood in the darkness

And I waited for my prey to strike.


But they never came.

Worrying was pointless

But my hands kept shaking

All the way to the middle of the room

Where the class has begun.


Upbeat music played loudly

Across the room, in my ears

As everyone started dancing

To Hip hop that they said to “just copy”


Hand over hand

Jut your hip out

Cross your legs

Fast movements

…Don’t panic


I look so out of place

I don’t belong here

Why should I be surprised?

You always fail everything


Tears on my cheek

Burned by my embarrassment

The thoughts of never being good enough

Haunting my every move


Should I be afraid?

Or should I be okay?

This was my first time doing this

These people have been doing this for years

I’ve done pretty well.


With that knowledge

A smile grows on my face

Blooming like a blossom

And stays all the way home.



This is excellent! Im excited to read more poetry from you

2nd Apr, 18

AHHHH!!! Thank you <3

2nd Apr, 18

In reply to sylvs

Wow. My poetry is terrible. I did a poetry unit once. Didn't do so hot. English this year. Poetry was like bird excrement

2nd Apr, 18

In reply to bookwithbane

To be honest I always thought I was terrible at poetry or writing in general despite the fact I got second place in the Write A Book In A Day in SA, VIC, TAS (in the middle school division with my friends)

2nd Apr, 18

In reply to sylvs

You are sooo goood. How could you doubt yourself?

3rd Apr, 18

In reply to bookwithbane

I read somewhere that even Victoria Aveyard doubts herself she apparently deletes massive chunks of her work and rewrites it. Laini Taylor finds herself so much of a perfectionist and goes crazy making sure her work is perfect. (On Goodreads) as writers advice she said to just write and not worry if it's good or not. This is the advice I try to follow. I'm a big perfectionist with my own writing. Like at school I finish an assignment and just send it through but with writing its so much different. The stories I write are like movies and when I write I try making the writing as close as possible as to that in my mind's eye. I used to read my work but after a while I agreed that there was no way I'd ever be satisfied with what I wrote so I just stopped re-reading it to stop me from doubting myself.

3rd Apr, 18

In reply to sylvs

Well with writing I have an endless well of ideas(just not the structure). But with poetry it's different. I don't have ideas, skill and I don't have the structure. Oh well, this is the situation where my insurance doesn't cover the extras

3rd Apr, 18

In reply to bookwithbane

Poetry comes in different forms. There is freestyle where you make the structure. There are ballads which are story-like poems. Some ballads even appear in songs (see Taylor Swift's love story as reference) and there is my own poetry favourite: SLAM POETRY!! (See Twenty Øne Piløts Car Radio as reference/Luka Lesson's poems)

3rd Apr, 18

Awwwww this was awesome! Love it!!
I've always wanted to take a K-Pop dance class but I'm so unco! Hahaha ^^

One of my favourite KPOP mashups is one of Roll Deep and Lotto (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOfJv--ZRlQ). It's an explosion of awesomeness. Wear headphones and let out your crazy. When I first listened to this, I literally got shivers the whole way through. (I was also in public studying, so this was v. awks)

7th Apr, 18

We are going to be filming bboom bboom and posting it on youtube soon. I'm so nervous!! I'm like THE WORST dancer there (mostly because I'm bad at remembering moves) and also because I might've been learning Likey by TWICE and Hellevator by Stray Kids instead of focusing on the dances I should've been doing...

7th Apr, 18

In reply to sylvs

I'm sure you're much better than you think! It's a really hard thing to pick up, so I'm really impressed.
Hahaha, yeah I can understand that. There's so many great dances, it's hard not to get distracted!
Good luck witih your filming!!

7th Apr, 18

In reply to otaku

Thanks! I hope I can learn all those dances though I'm really bad at putting steps together in my mind. Like I know how to execute them but I don't know what comes next in the dance (I'm working on it though!!)

7th Apr, 18