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Deep Water by Sarah Epstein Book Review

Read with YA Circle Book Club for their May 2020 BOTM

Now THAT’S how you write a mystery!

I’ve been through it all. I’ve read New York Times Bestselling mysteries and award winning ones too. None of them captured my attention as much as Deep Water did. This was wonderfully layered and I was constantly intrigued by the mystery of Henry Weaver and even more so, his brother Mason who was even more mysterious than the actual kidnapping case itself.

The book follows Chloe Baxter, a young girl trying to discover what happened to her best friend Henry Weaver and if he really was kidnapped. She sleuths with her friend Raf and as they did deeper they discover secrets that could change everything.

I found the characters wonderfully crafted and I fell in love with each and every one of them. Mason especially who just needed the biggest hug I could muster. Although I loved the characters, it wasn’t what made me give the rating I gave this novel. In fact it all came down to the narrative structure that beautifully intertwined different perspectives together to make a coherent and readable mystery that was mesmerising and completely un-put-downable.

Everything came together and I was kept constantly in suspense until the very last page. I would absolutely love a sequel novel to this to see what happened to the characters after that ending. I also hope Mason finds someone who’s got his back in more ways than one and that Chloe ends up becoming a detective or something just as reputable.

My only negative is probably Chloe’s characterisation. Whilst she was interesting to read from, her narrative voice was dissimilar to other YA characters I read about. I wanted something to show her uniqueness rather than what I was given.

Nevertheless a gripping mystery that I would recommend to everyone!




Mason was definitely my favourite, though it was difficult seeing him from Chloe's perspective because I wanted to shake her and tell her what was going on!

2nd Jun, 20

Agreed! I loved Mason :)

2nd Jun, 20

In reply to imosshelf

He was amazing <3 :)

2nd Jun, 20

I know same! Too much love for Mason <3<3<3

2nd Jun, 20

I’ve heard so many good things about this! I totally need to read it!

3rd Jun, 20

You do!! I highly recommend!!

3rd Jun, 20