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Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell Book Review


^^That was my face when I was reading this. I made this face from start to finish bombarded by so many swear words (not that I have a problem with swearing, I mean literally everyone does it), so many things other people would find insensitive and I found myself also hating the characters by the end of the book. Must admit, I was expecting this much given my friends told me about some of the things I might see in this book but I will keep those points till later.

Eleanor and Park’s blurb doesn’t reveal much I have to agree with you here. It was mainly a book about falling in love and the “tangled web of first romances” I picked this up mainly because I am a sucker for 80’s music and for romance through mixtape exchanges and bus seat dilemmas. As bad as it sounds I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to these sorts of things so of course I was attracted to it and asked some friends for their opinions. They said they didn’t like it as some of the things that the characters say can be found a little… unsettling? for some people. Look, I’m not asian nor am I a red head but I still felt a bit uncomfortable in certain parts in terms of the way the characters even just talked to each other. I know that Rainbow Rowell probably didn’t mean for it to happen, it’s just that the book would’ve been so much better without it.

Speaking of characters, I have a lot to say about them all. Let’s start with the easy one, Park. I loved the whole concept of him: from dark clothes, to GODLIKE music taste and his epic and supportive family, I low key fell in love with him at page 1… but that love sort of died down a bit as Eleanor and Park’s relationship developed. Park became infatuated and started becoming obsessed with Eleanor. He was constantly thinking about her and yes, I am aware that this DOES happen if and when you are in love but it was tiring to read about when I really wanted to get to know him more.

Next up for characters I didn’t really like: Eleanor.

I kind of expected myself to not like her but I just really sort of disliked her. I know she went through a lot but seriously she just got angry at every little thing and she didn’t seem to appreciate what Park was doing all that much hence me wondering why Park liked her in the first place.
Last point, literally nothing happened in the book that left me at the edge of my seat or swooning madly and loving the romance but the book really didn’t make me feel anything or made me think or any of that.

Now, I was disappointed in Attachments and in Eleanor and Park but if I read Carry On and disliked it then I’d stop reading Rainbow Rowell or putting her off altogether. I just don’t think the romance genre is for me 🙁




You can't disappointed in Carry On, that's against the law /s. But seriously it's a little slow at the start, but persevere, because it's realllyyy good. It's Harry Potter but for adults

10th Jan, 19

Will definitely give it a go then once I get it from the library :)

14th Jan, 19