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Emergency Contact by Mary H.K Choi book review


What was that? That was an emotional book crying bomb and I was clearly a victim. My soul is a mess. What has this book done to me? It just felt so real and raw I really never read anything like it. Penny and Sam just seemed like real people instead of book/fictional characters. I fell in love easily!

Basically Emergency Contact is about a girl named Penny, a quiet writer who plans to go to University to become an author and to leave her life behind her. It means a new start to become the person she wants to be. On the other hand there is Sam, a boy who is stuck in all ways working at the coffee shop where he lives. Through it all Sam and Penny keep in contact through all the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives without ever having to see each other.


They seemed just like you and me it didn’t seem like I was reading fiction… I was reading about real life. They lived through such realistic problems and their voices, though distinct seemed so normal I got into their voices easily.

Only thing I can say I didn’t like was the pace of it. It just seemed like a really slow book and the plot and character relationships developed really slowly. They also said that one of the characters had anxiety/depression and this wasn’t acted upon. Of course the emergency contact of that person tried making them feel better but they didn’t get any real professional help. The characters (plural) own personal problems were not resolved only to some extent. I can’t really say much for spoilery reasons but I would’ve liked more from this book.

I would love to read a sequel if there is one, I enjoyed the characters and voice. It was easy to read but slow as well.