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Fangs by Sarah Andersen Book Review

ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

This book was such a funny take on vampire/werewolf love! I throughly enjoyed reading about the relationship dynamic between Elsie, a 300 year old vampire who still hasn’t met her match and Jimmy, a charming werewolf who may have taken Elsie’s fancy. Through Andersen’s comedic writing style and her thoughtful art, we get a glimpse as to how these very different people manage to live together and accept each others vast differences and flaws. I laughed out loud so many times when I was reading Fangs and I think I’ll definitely be recommending it to readers who like their comedy with a touch of paranormal.



inky State Library Victoria

Are vampires and werewolves returning as a trend?

24th Jun, 20

Pretty sure they are and I'm 110% here for it XD

24th Jun, 20