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Heartstopper Part 2 by Alice Oseman Book Review

Heartstopper officially has a big fat spot in my heart. Honestly, there is nothing sweeter or cuter than Nick and Charlie’s relationship and y’all can fight me on that one. AHHHH!!! I just want to give them all the hugs in the world they totally deserve it.

In this volume of Heartstopper, we see Nick and Charlie’s relationship develop and to my delight, a lot of kissing and adorable romantic banter (shut up you KNOW I’m this kind of reader 😉 !!!) This book is a classic in my books (oh haha I need to cut the puns) and I know it resonates with not just LGBTQ+ people but also to teenagers or anybody that’s discovering their own identity and love life. It’s such a cute book and I shove it in EVERYONE’s faces.

Only problem is I may have read this book MANY MANY MANY times on Tapas so I basically knew all the dialogue already so i didn’t get that excitement over reading it as I did when I first read Heartstopper (I read it in paper form before reading the online version) but nevertheless I didn’t let this downgrade my rating and review. This series just keeps getting better and yes, I will read and READ and RE-READ until my eyes are tired of this series. That’s just how much I love Alice Oseman’s beautiful book and I cannot wait for more XD




I've read it on Tapas, it's so good. I think it would be better if you went on Patreon and paid, as you get up to 60 volumes in advance.

12th Sep, 19

Yeah I agree honestly Heartstopper is amazing and simply the most cutest thing I ever read!! <3<3<3

13th Sep, 19