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Ice Wolves (Ice Wolves #1) by Amie Kaufman Book Review

Aww this was such a cute little book! Honestly, does Amie Kaufman EVER disappoint? The answer dear reader is no. Her work never fails to be exceptionally written with amazing world building and unique and quirky characters that you cannot help but fall head over heels in love with!

And that was exactly what Ice Wolves was! It was a fun read when you just need a break from “Heavy fantasy” (which is what everyone else calls “epic fantasy” but I call it so given that it’s really dark and there’s no light or minimal lighter aspects of the novel) it was about a young boy named Anders who lives in a world where Scorch Dragons and Ice Wolves are fierce enemies against each other. One day, Anders discovers that he is an Ice Wolf and that his dear sister Rayna is a Scorch Dragon making him question if they are even family anymore. Nevertheless, when Rayna is taken by the Dragons, Anders goes on a quest to bring her back.

There were so many things done right here. I must admit though I was sort of worried given Kaufman has never written a solo book before whereas her writing friends such as Jay Kristoff and Meagan Spooner have published more than one work by themselves. But I feel like I shouldn’t have fretted. Kaufman knows her stuff when it comes to writing and she really shone through in Ice Wolves and as said before, I’ll start with the world building.

Vallen was such a magical place, the way Kaufman described it was magic in word form I could imagine the icy fjords perfectly and I found it to give me an amazing imagery of snowy forests which is extremely different from the scorching Aussie heat that we’ve been experiencing during the Christmas period. The characters were also well-rounded. Anders was smart for his age but was shy and quiet whereas his sister was loud and fierce and I easily grew to love her a lot. I loved the dynamics between the two and found it adorable. I also found the idea of love, not in terms of Boyfriend/Girlfriend-Girlfriend/Girlfriend- Boyfriend/Boyfriend but more in terms of friend love and the loyalty one has to friendship to be a very beautiful thing. Especially how Kaufman described it and shaped it to be in the book. It was a book to give you hope and make you believe in the power-and magic- of friendship and belief in your own abilities.