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Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1) by Cassandra Clare book review WITH MAJOR SPOILERS

It left on a cliffhanger…

Am I surprised?


Do I want more?


Despite a very slow start (which made me put reading Lady Midnight on and off for roughly 4 almost 5 months) I finally finished it and even through the soreness of my hand from holding this thick book I am so excited and eager to read the sequel especially with all that happened in the last hundred pages or so. I absolutely am head-over-heels in love with the characters and also the occasional tap-ins with the characters of The Mortal Instruments. Having purchased the limited edition/exclusive edition of the book I also received an exclusive scene at the end of the book to do with the characters of TMI which definitely tied in well with the rest of the novel.

It was lovely that we got to see more into the characters and lives of the Blackthorns and Carstairs as well as get a glimpse into other aspects of the faeries and downworlders not seen in The Mortal Instruments. One character as such was Mark Blackthorn who I high key was crushing on throughout the whole book (not going to even deny anything here) and also Kit Rook who although had extremely small appearances in the book, already made an impression on me. I definitely know he’s going to be a major character in later books and is that a bad thing? NOPE!

I must admit though if we had a bit more in terms of Kit content then I would’ve been a very very very happy child but with the quality Mark content I was pretty content you could say. Unfortunately though, for a majority of the book nothing much happened except for a few rifts in the family but other than that not much. However, it was the ending that really stole the show especially with the whole Annabel coming alive again. I believe that this could potentially mean Annabel would take revenge on Malcolm’s death in Lady Midnight and thus result in chaos for the Los Angeles Institute and the New York Institute too.I know I shouldn’t say much but you know what? this book is just starting to get really good and I can see why people said that The Dark Artifices has more potential than The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices and you know what? I can definitely see the potential. The characters were so much more 3D than those in The Mortal Instruments especially with them having so many flaws and good qualities to them. Each was different and individual and you could definitely see the internal struggles with Julian and Emma especially with the whole forbidden romance they are involved in 

I must say I was disappointed in the lack of Jem Carstairs but you can’t have everything 😉 he did appear at the end though but I must say I’m kind of think he’s a jerk for leaving Emma at the end of City of Heavenly Fire and yeeting off with Tessa Gray even though he technically is responsible for her and the only family she really has left. He didn’t even check in on her which is why I’m in a love/hate relationship with him at the moment considering he was my favourite character in The Infernal Devices I just hope that in Lady Midnight Cassandra Clare doesn’t pull off anything too random like the whole “brother/sister but not actually brother/sister” thing from The Mortal Instruments or the whole “gets married to a guy and marries his best mate when he dies” The parabatai thing is enough and I hope it doesn’t turn out they are paternal or maternal relatives. 

I must say I did love Cristina and her kindness in the book. I can definitely see her being my favourite female character in the book. She was always there as a friend to Emma and Mark and honestly if she dies in the series I’d be truly sad for her loss. In terms of her relationships, was it bad that I still shipped Mark and Cristina together even though Mark was with Kieran (and I’m pretty sure they will continue their relationship in the next books) and she was technically with Diego? Oh well, I’ll secretly ship them from the sidelines. I am sort of warming up to Kieran though so who knows maybe I’ll become a serious Kieran and Mark shipper by the end of the whole trilogy. 

I also loved the romances in the book and without giving too much away, the main romance I must admit I found a bit rushed. For example everything was slow slow slow and then BAAM! First kiss!? and then during the first kiss all the feelings were revealed and everything. And I’m just sitting here being like “What the heck?” I get the whole “feeling repression” that suddenly once you feel like your love is reciprocated back that you word vomit your hidden feelings to that person and suddenly they word vomit their feelings out and all of it becomes this feeling word vomit that leaves you feeling icky rather than “AWWWWWW HOW CUTE” I felt like it would become like The Sun is Also A Star level of BLERGH but it surprisingly didn’t? AND I HOPE IT DOESN’T LATER ON!!!

All in all, great characters, good romance that wasn’t too ick island and a cliffhanger that is to die for. My only negative is its slowness at the beginning.



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Did you manage another swipe at The Sun is Also a Star within this review??? Ha!

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Got me there Inky ;)

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