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Lifelike (Likelike #1) by Jay Kristoff Book Review

Honestly this only just cemented the idea that all robots or artificial intelligence will forever be considered as evil in books.

Don’t believe me? Look at AIDAN from The Illuminae Files! and yes, okay that’s only one example but the only other one I know of is the Thunderhead from the Arc of the Scythe series by Neal Shusterman and okay yes, he’s one of the few good ones but I honestly do believe he’d turn evil soon…

And now we can add this whole cast of characters too! They were so two faced and I honestly didn’t like any of them really. I was told this book would be amazing and that I would LOVE Lemon Fresh (and yes that’s a character’s name not a sugary soft drink) and trust me I tried liking her so much that I thought I did. It was only when I took the time out after finishing I realised that I never really liked her or related to her characterisation. I don’t think I even liked Eve much and eye rolled at some parts of her narrative such as when she wanted to save her (view spoiler) it didn’t make sense with a lot of other things that resulted in my low rating.

Yes, there was a lot of metal and grit no doubt about it, Kristoff did a good job but seriously some of the slang associated with the world building (I presume) like “fizzy” just was annoying to get your head around and some of the things the characters said were hard to interpret at least in the first 200 pages. Also going back to Lemon Fresh she’d say “I’m too pretty to sweat.” which was her typical catch phrase. By the end of the book I was sick of her and just wanted her to just… not… talk.

And then there was Ezekiel and I thought I’d love him but nope. From the description of looking like a roman gladiator god thing… I knew I wouldn’t like him. He was one of those annoyingly cringey love interests that make you wanna eye roll as they yell “I LOVE YOU *insert name*” as they do some grand romantic gesture that just makes everything worse. Yes. He was that. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I hated it and I did not ship Eve and Ezekiel AT ALL.

All of the tones of the characters were the same and sarcastic with not much difference between them and nothing excited me much for a while until the cliffhanger. Would I read the sequel? Maybe just not in a while. It was slow and I didn’t feel much love for the characters. I was bored for a majority of the book which is disappointing given its a Kristoff novel.