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More Love Simon Thoughts

Hi guys! There are 13 DAYS UNTIL LOVE SIMON IS OFFICIALLY “OUT” (yeah bad pun I know)

Anyways, I thought that I might tell you even more thoughts on it and break it down a bit more.

YES, they changed a lot of the original book. The characters are the same don’t get me wrong but character relations and the whole “what happens next” is different to the book.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. When I was watching it at the start I was thinking that it would end up being a terrible movie but I was surprised in the best possible way.

(or worst if you see movie Martin…:p)

Even with all these changes in the movie, there was one thing that ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stayed constant and that was the love and support of everyone in Simon’s world.

I can also tell you to being the tissues because there is more than one scene where you will cry. Because, boy was this a rollercoaster ride of emotions!? First you laugh, then cry and then laugh and then cry and this goes on for the whole movie.

Be warned you’ll be a complete wreck when you come out of the cinemas.



If you like LGBTQI+ romance novels and don’t mind sex scenes, you should read “A Boy’s Guide to Being a Proper Jew” by Elon Glassman. I couldn’t borrow t since it was for older grades, but from the half I read it was about a highly religious gay Jew. He has to deal with his faith saying homosexuality is bad.

27th Mar, 18

I got a recommendation to read Autoboyography. It's apparently like Simon vs the Homosapien's Agenda but only with that religious and prejudice that Simon DOESN'T have.

27th Mar, 18