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Neverland by Margot McGovern Book Review

Oh my gosh! What did I just read???
Neverland… when one writes the word they think immediately of the story of Peter Pan and about a boy who never wants to grow up who takes Wendy Darling to an island to battle against pirates and mystical creatures.
Well… this wasn’t that type of Neverland but it was definitely still as mystical as Peter Pan. Itcame with a poignant tale about a girl named Kit who would rather die than grow up and leave Neverland. When she was 12 she saw her parents die in a freak accident. At the age of 17 she has forgotten the incident and quite frankly doesn’t even want to remember. All she remembers are her dad’s old stories about pirates and mermaids that live on the island she calls Neverland.
After her suicide attempts she gets sent back to Neverland under her uncle’s care. Resisting her treatment Kit and her new boyfriend Rohan take things too far and find themselves in danger. Kit must find her way back to reality.
It was definitely a fascinating tale and written beautifully. I wouldn’t consider calling it milk chocolate level smooth but I’d definitely call it a smooth white chocolate. I guess that’s just the way I book review books using chocolate but what I mean when I say this is that it didn’t entice me all that much but it was so well written that I still enjoyed my read. As I always say I don’t think contemporary is for me or novels dealing with mental health and suicide.
Never the less I still recommend you to pick it up!