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Neverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl book review

My friend recommended this to me a few months ago shovingNeverworld Wake right in my face. She said “Oh Sylvs you will be left speechless!!” with a cheeky grin on her face as she urged me to borrow it. After two months I finally did and here I write this review as my friend said, speechless. I honestly don’t know what to think. In a way this book was so tricky and creative leaving me in a state of “shocked Pikachu” that I was questioning whether the author was actually a human or an absolute genius mastermind! And there were other times that had me confused not knowing what the heck I was reading (or at least that’s what happened in the beginning first 120 pages). All in all I enjoyed it and can see why my friend loved it and rated it so highly (she’s a reviewer too) but it still doesn’t top Lynette Noni’s Whisper for my favourite Dystopian/Sci-fi read of 2019 thus far.

Neverworld Wake follows the journey of Bee who after a car accident with 4 other friends finds herself in the “Neverworld” the space between death and life, a wrinkle in time. The group would have these thing called “wakes” which leads them closer to the final vote. Only one person can leave the Neverworld and the other 4 have to die.

With a cast of 5 characters all jam-packed into a 325 paged book I must admit I was a bit worried but Pessl really does do high-school-teenage-groups really well and I found the characters all really well developed. I wish I had more juice on Bee I didn’t really get to know her that much or maybe that’s just on me as a reader. Cannon even was really well rounded but I think the one who stole my cake was Martha. I felt like I related to her because of all the things she would read and I just loved how clever she was. I just wished what happened to her at the end didn’t happen…

In terms of the storyline it got confusing a little bit or at least I felt it was a bit jumpy I wouldn’t know what was happening now or what happened in the characters past that’s why it was confusing for me in the first 120 pages but later on I caught the right train and everything clicked into place. It was a really great philosophical read as well with the whole dimension and time travel thing and I liked the twists and turns and uncovering the mysteries of Jim’s death.

A decent YA debut I must admit and great well rounded characters that I cared for. I can’t wait what this author has in store for us!!



inky Centre for Youth Literature

Sounds interesting. Have added it to the database! I found even the blurb was confusing but now that I've read a few reviews it makes a bit more sense!

15th May, 19

Yeah I was pretty iffy about it too. I read the blurb on the back of the book and on Goodreads (Goodreads I find is the best place to read blurbs because different editions sometimes give you more information) and I came back with nothing. I don't like going into books without knowing what is going on. But I enjoyed this one a lot it was fun and had lots of twists and turns. I definitely recommend if you like a mystery with a shocking twist ;)

15th May, 19