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New Moon (Twilight Saga #2) by Stephenie Meyer

Okay so a few things I just need to point out:

-Last time I read this when I was 13… I was just starting out reading more YA and I clearly thought New Moon was the best book that ever existed and Twilight was the best series ever.

-I was going through a HUGE paranormal werewolves, vampires etc phase so obviously Twilight ticked off all those boxes at the time

– I was full on team Jacob and in this book there wasn’t much Edward soooo…. INSTANT WIN!!

Many MANY years have passed since I read New Moon and obviously I read more YA, developed my own taste in book genre and discovered what I liked and what I disliked. Additionally reading more reviews and what others thought of books.

With New Moon and Twilight in general there has been so much controversy about feminism and Bella’s character. In Twilight I didn’t see it as much as others said but with New Moon I saw Bella as a clingy character who was so infatuated with Edward that even reading her perspective was enough for me to want to put the book down. Honestly when Edward left I was cheering because I was so sick of this “I love you” stuff going on.

Look, I love my romances but when it’s just oozed out like that and it’s more of an infatuation rather than an actual emotional bond between the two then I get a little bit agitated. And in this book, that’s what happened with me.

This book was going so well until the whole “EDWARDS IN DANGER” stuff at the end. And it only supports my original belief of Bella being an irresponsible main character. Say it all you want but she left Charlie on a whim to go save Edward not even caring about her own safety or not even thinking about how her dad would feel after JUST coming back from a funeral (of which Bella should’ve been at) and discovering his daughter has been taken all the way to Volturra in Italy to save her poor boyfriend WHO MADE HER GO INTO DEPRESSION FOR MONTHS!!

You can see why I was so iffy about Bella and why I sort of hated her at the end.

Also I hated the idea of Bella wanting to become a vampire to basically stop herself from ageing. Edward was the one to say “hold on… I’m not going to consent to that” and told her to stay human. With Bella’s nagging nature I can stand by Edward on one thing. Dealing with Bella for eternity would suck and I would’ve said no to it too. Also seriously? Ageing? EVERY WOMAN GOES THROUGH AGEING IT’S A NATURAL PROCESS! I hated how she hated ageing simply because she would be old and wrinkly while Edward would forever remain 17. I found that a major eyeroll of this book.

If we looked at the positives now (because there was a lot to the negatives) Meyer’s writing is dark, powerful and poignant. She may not be the best writer in the world but she isn’t that bad like everyone thinks she is. I found myself enjoying the story and finding myself liking a few things like the friendship between Bella and Jacob but even in that I found it that Bella was using Jacob to see Edward again. Of course they ended up having a genuine friendship but it started out with a manipulation which just cements the idea of Bella being a untrustworthy main character and someone I couldn’t like.

I still want to continue the series though simply to see if Bella gets better and if I could like her a lot more than in New Moon.