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Paper Girls (Paper Girls #1) By Brian K Vaughan Book Review

I don’t know what to say about this book to be honest, some parts I liked and some I didn’t. I just think that the whole “greater-intelligence-invading-Earth” storyline would’ve been so much more meaningful and impactful if it was an actual book. Of course, the graphic novel was beautifully presented: the art was gorgeous, they used diverse characters (one being LGBTQ+) and the storyline was thrilling, but in my opinion, the storyline had so much premise that it should’ve become a novel!

This book was like an all girls’ Stranger Things episode and if you met me, you would understand my adoration for the Netflix series. There were monsters, aliens, 12-year-old kids riding bikes and like other great sci-fi/fantasy novels: no adults! The characters all had such complex and mysterious backstories that impacted their choices and who they were as people, as humans.

Another thing I liked was how all the girls were feminist and were portrayed in a strong and bold way. I especially liked one of the characters: Mack whose witty responses and sassy attitude easily made her one of my favourite characters to read about.

“Maybe. Or maybe it was all part of some evil plan to get us on their side. All I’m saying is, whether those two are into dudes or not, they’re still teenage boys. Even my brother says they can’t be trusted, and he is one.”

I also loved her leadership. Mack had the ability to empower all the other girls to defend themselves and stand up to the evil characters instead of staying out of trouble and living in fear.

But as much as I loved the main characters: The Paper Girls, I absolutely loved the evil characters too. One of the things I am dying to discover in the second book is what are the evil characters planning on doing to the humans they abducted? But the biggest thing I am excited to find out more about is the major cliffhanger at the end of book 1. What does it mean? WHAT IS GOING ON?!? What will happen to the Paper Girls?

All in all, I enjoyed the book and can’t wait to see where the series progresses in the next book.

ACTUAL RATING: 3.6 stars