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Queens Of Geek by Jen Wilde Book Review

Is it bad that I expected myself not to like it as much as I did?

I guess I thought I’d end up rating it a 3 star read but honestly it was more like 4.3 for me which in my case is pretty high given I barely never give out ratings close to 5 star. On surface level, Queens of Geek is a short book about three friends who end up falling in love during SupaCon, a big comic con in LA. If you take a look into it you’ll see that Queens of Geek talks about social anxiety, anxiety, body image, self-esteem, aspergers, bisexuality, homophobia and bipolar. It brought so much diversity and I was here for it!


One of the main characters, Charlie is an upcoming movie star and is signing at the Con. She is Chinese-Australian and is also trying to escape the ship name of her past relationship between her and Reese Ryan (literally the most arrogant male you’ll ever meet in a book and just a guy in general that would make you want to rip his head off.) when she meets her favourite Youtuber, Alyssa Huntington and her one sided crush seems not to be one sided at all.

The other main character, Taylor is Charlie’s friend who goes with her friend Jamie all the way to LA for the SupaCon. Taylor is the biggest fan of Queen of Firestone, a popular fandom which has many books and movies based on it. She hopes to meet the writer of the series, Skylar however, is unable because she needed to catch a flight. But Taylor has a plan, she has to win the “Biggest Fan of Queen of Firestone” contest which gives you a dinner with Skylar and tickets to the premiere of the next Queen of Firestone movie! In all these shenanigans we see Skylar exploring her confidence, self esteem and social anxiety, mainly her fear of things changing especially between her and Jamie who she had a crush on for years. I could relate to not wanting things to change and I found a lot of my own friends in Taylor’s character. I think she is an inspiration to so many teenage girls and I just loved her character dynamics with Charlie and Jamie.


The friendship between Jamie, Taylor and Charlie was more dominant than the actual romantic love in the book. In Queens of Geek you could see such a positive relationship between all them. It wasn’t toxic at all and you could see the three of them lifting each other up in their text messages. It honestly warmed my heart up so much reading about it and how they calm and help each other in the best and worst of times.


But although the book talked about friendship in a positive light it also talked about relationships in a negative light such as the relationship between Reese and Charlie. Obviously, they broke up a long time ago but The Rising fandom still ships the both of them in a ship name of “Chase.” Charlie thinks that Reese just… well… sucks… he said really homophobic stuff about Charlie being bisexual and he also cheated on her when they were in a relationship. The fandom didn’t know about it thus continued shipping them even though Charlie wants nothing to do with him however the fans want to see them together and dating again. I guess that’s just one way that Queens of Geek showed internet culture but there was also the portrayal of cosplay and the friendships made through social media i.e. Tumblr (Taylor posts a lot via her Tumblr page of her experiences at SupaCon) and at comic cons which I found super sweet and done extremely well.

All in all I loved this book and I seriously do recommend to everyone who loves their romance, fandoms and diversity! I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would!




This actually sounds really good!

8th Sep, 19

It is!! Definitely recommend AND it's #loveozya! Doesn't get better than that ;)

8th Sep, 19

I really loved it! I didn't like the Brightsiders as much though... Queens of Geek gets diversity right, but the Brightsiders really doesn't

12th Sep, 19

Damn I thought everyone loved the Brightsiders!! Wow!

13th Sep, 19

In reply to sylvs

Really? I really didn't like it

14th Sep, 19

In reply to bookwithbane

Yeah I read some really good reviews for it

15th Sep, 19