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Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer Book Review

Wow… Just wow… that’s all I could think after reading this book and putting it down. That simple word “wow” and I don’t mean “wow” as in “I was SUPER impressed and I have been left shooketh” I mean “wow” as in “I expected this to be even better than Cinder and yet I was left…un-amazed.” I’m sad about this obviously because I was super excited to delve deeper in the Lunar Chronicles and yet… I was underwhelmed and *cough cough* it was not due to the fact that there was no CinderxKai *cough cough*

Basically the story occurs after the events of Cinder. I won’t elaborate on details due to spoilers but in a nutshell, Cinder is on the run and in hiding from Queen Levana whereas Scarlet of whom the story is based around is trying to find her grandmother who has “disappeared.” Scarlet, not falling for what people are telling her embarks on a quest with a fighter called Wolf to find her.

I don’t know what made me not enjoy this as much and I think it was because the 11-year-old-Jacob-Black-Werewolf-loving kid in me was expecting a full-on wolf transformation in the first 100-200 pages. I almost cried when it was clear that I was not getting this. But aside from that I was disappointed that the “wolf” gang was not a “WOLF gang” at all. Yet again if I elaborate on this point then I’ll be giving away more unwanted spoilers.

Another thing was that I honestly (and I’m sorry to say this) didn’t really care about the Scarlet and Wolf storyline I was more focused on Cinder, Iko and Thorne. Iko has been a favourite character and her witty humour was something that really stood out in the novel as well as the character dynamic of Thorne. I’m sorry but Thorne has taken Nikolai’s podium place in my top 3 book boyfriends (Akiva (daughter of smoke and bone), Prince Kai (The Lunar Chronicles) and now Thorne from the same series) I am SO EXCITED to read more about him in Cress (which just so happens to be my next book)

Now enough negatives let’s focus on the positives and the things that this book did really well: there was more action! Yes, you heard right! there was a lot more gore which I somewhat enjoyed (the inner horror lover coming out in full force) but in terms of novels I honestly just prefer the relationships the characters have with one another and how the author builds them up. But I give credit to Marissa Meyer because being a (sort-of-“working-on-it”-*ahem-procrastinating*) writer I can say that writing action scenes is incredibly difficult so given that this was her second novel I thought that this was done extremely well.

Another thing that was good was the whole “perspectives” thing. I LOVE my perspectives to bits. Anyone can tell you that it reveals more about the main character and side characters (which storylines can be occasionally more thrilling than the main characters which I find is often the case) and given that this went between Cinder, Scarlet, Thorne and occasionally Kai and Levana I as well thought that this was impressive that Meyer managed to connect them all together and keep the pacing as well without messing each perspective up! *Gives Marissa Meyer an online high-five*

But yes, in summary, Scarlet was not as good as Cinder but still fairly enjoyable!