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Hello guys!

As book readers we just get annoyed off… by everything. EVERYTHING TRIGGERS US if you so much as BREATHE on our books, LOOK at our books or TOUCH our books without us knowing (just joking the last would never happen we ALWAYS know when somebody touched our books. We know books don’t have legs and didn’t move that 0.1 inch to the left.)

I was thinking: what really ticks our type off? And I made a scenario. I think I’ll do more scenario’s in the future. I had so much fun writing this 😉





SCENE: It’s a sunny day and you decided to read on a park bench by yourself in the park. You are so excited to read: the villain is going to be revealed, some characters are about to get killed, the romance is climaxing AND THEN SUDDENLY somebody sits down next to you. You scoot over to make room but try not to make eye contact to make sure this person doesn’t try to initiate conversation by putting your book up to your face. The man tries looking at the cover you move your hands over the title.

“Is that a good book?” He asks inquisitively

“Umm yes…” I MEAN IF IT WASN’T I WOULDN’T BE READING IT MISTER (but you said it in your head because you’re a polite human being and you are a smol bean immune to nastiness *insert angel halo*)

“Ahh” he says as you continue reading. You don’t even make it through half the page before he taps you.

“Sorry for disturbing you but who wrote your book?”

“Ummm… J.K Rowling…”

“Ohh she’s that author of… wait I got this…. Twilight?” He says dead serious. You try not to laugh. Rowling? Writing Edward Cullen PFFT

“Umm… no… She’s the author of Harry Potter.” Right now your anger is silently fuming and it is taking you EVERY OUNCE of energy to NOT attack and scream at this man to shush so you can READ THE BOOK!!!

“Oh! I love Harry Potter too! My favourite character is Sirius White!”

“Yeah I love Sirius White too” You literally want to kill this guy. Sirius White? Who’s his niece Siriusly Snow White?

“It’s a shame he died though… In the fifth book right?”

You flip the book looking at the book cover of the book you’re reading: Harry Potter Book 5: Order of the Phoenix.

“Ohh I’m sorry for spoiling it for you!”

ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!! NO YOU SERIOUSLY JUST SPOILED A BOOK THAT I NEVER READ BEFORE!! You wanted to scream before standing up and walking away without so much as a goodbye and look over your shoulder.





This is so funny yet strangely true. I get so annoyed when people who never read and have no interest in reading start asking me questions on the book that I’m reading.

12th Aug, 19

UGH!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU JUST WANT TO READ THE CLIMAX OF THE BOOK!! Worst thing ever especially if it is a fantastic book that you're just beginning to love.

12th Aug, 19