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Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1) by Neal Shusterman Book Review

Is it weird that I sort of liked this?

I really don’t understand how I feel about this book. Scythe was a creepy and grim book which was 100% out of my usual comfort zone in terms of reading. I read stuff that is cute and fluffy typically. Books like Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda, Heartstopper and To All The Boys I Loved Before definitely are on my list. Scythe is the complete opposite it’s all about death and reapers who practice the “art”of reaping. I read this novel as it is on the 2019 Inky Awards longlist I promised myself to read all the books on it to further support the awards past my year of judging.

It is a dystopian read set years in the future when humans have conquered death. No longer is there such a fear of misery and disease. Humans have conquered it all. Because death itself has been conquered, humans have creating scythes, reapers who reap souls and taking their lives away. Caught up in all this are the two apprentice scythes: Citra and Rowan who never wanted their grim role in the first place. Under the guidance of Scythe Farraway, the two learn ancient techniques in reaping. One day they learn of an evil scythe mass reaping entire groups of people, an unethical technique condemned by scythehood. `

The problems for Citra and Rowan continue when they are told the winner of their scythehood gets to kill the other.

During the progression of the novel you could see how Rowan and Citra’s personality has changed. I will try not to spoil it but sometimes their personalities changed for the worst. And you could definitely see that progression from start to finish.

I loved the idea of the Thunderhead, basically the internet turned strong AI I found it weird but weirdly likeable kind of like AIDAN fromThe Illuminae Files and I’m super excited to see where it’s going to go later in the series.

Also I was so glad to finally see a fantasy with romance not at the forefront of all the action. Best. Thing. Ever! XD

All in all, good character development, amazing concept of conquering death and immortality, really cool plotlines and edge!




I like the comparison between Aidan and Thunderhead, but Thunderhead is more human, parental and benevolent. He wouldn't kill humans if there was an alternative.

13th Jul, 19

True but AIDAN stole my heart XP

13th Jul, 19