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Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo Book Review

And this is why I don’t read books spread out over duration of weeks!


Why you ask?

Because I have the memory of a goldfish and weirdly enough I always pause at the 100 page mark. I was so busy this week with assignments and stuff that I didn’t finish this book as I was meant to a few days ago which is sad because I genuinely enjoyed it and expected it to be another 5 star read and I guess it was but given I haven’t been dedicated to reading as I usually am recently, was the reason why I had to downscale it a bit considering I forgot what happened in the first 130 pages before I binge read and finished an hour ago.

I liked this not because of the K-pop factor but more so because of the author, Maurene Goo who I discovered recently and so far hasn’t failed to disappoint!

I must admit I was MEGA wary simply because the romance happens in a day and you know what shockingly awful book happens in one day? The Sun Is Also A Star the worst romance book I ever read for it’s cringe-y characters and extreme insta-love troupe. This did have insta-love BUT IT WAS DONE WELL! Which trust me, I was just as shocked about because we all know insta-love is thin ice that’s hard to skate on for most authors but Maurene Goo does it justice. Honestly, she’s becoming one of my fave romance authors not gonna lie.

So the book is about a K-pop idol called Lucky she’s about to make her American debut on the Later Tonight Show but she’s dying for a hamburger…
Jack is a wannabe photographer who takes photos for a tabloid magazine who happens to be in Lucky’s hotel to photograph a celebrity before he bumps into Lucky, a girl who seems weirdly familiar and assists her in going out in Hong Kong for a hamburger. One thing leads to another and a weird friendship turns to romance. Lucky, wanting for once to be normal, lies about herself to Jack (who knows about her identity) and suddenly Jack finds himself in a position to follow his heart or to betray Lucky for his tabloid job.

This book I didn’t expect to be much about self-discovery but it was and I loved this. I loved when they discovered themselves and went outside the box and found out who they were and what they wanted. It was encouraging and inspiring and I was really happy and satisfied with the ending. The ending itself without giving much away was not a cliche at all, it was no happy Cinderella ending but it seemed more realistic.

Also, the way Goo wrote the romance between the two was not cringe-y like Natasha and Daniel (inwardly cringes) but it was like they were real people and I could imagine Lucky not just as a K-pop idol like the ones I idolise on Youtube but as a teenage girl who faces roughly the same problems as a normal teen does: how to discover yourself, how to find happiness. Although lucky didn’t need a guy and Jack wasn’t looking nor needed a girl, they both helped each other and I loved that. That love was based on connection instead of lust; something I felt we had a drought of in YA.

This book in general taught me what love actually was: it is a feeling when someone just gets you on an emotional level, a level you cannot explain. And I could definitely feel that with these two and the whole progression of the romance and … stuff that shall go unnamed for spoilers.

Really, Goo explores the theme of “Love conquers all” if you love someone then you’d forgive them and you won’t hurt them.

But in all honesty it was the characters, idea of where you want to go, how to find happiness and about what real happiness is that stole the cake. Also I could 100% relate to Lucky’s absolute NEED for a burger 😉 If only I just binge read it *sighs*