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Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett book review

I have no idea to even start when writing about this book. Did I like it? Did I enjoy it? That’s honestly a good question. There were many good points that I enjoyed in the novel but there were also many negatives. Thinking about it I don’t even know if I would’ve enjoyed it more if those negatives were eliminated. It was an alright book but I’ still unclear about my thoughts on it and I certainly hope that by pouring my thoughts onto the page that I can clear it all up.

Basically, Starry Eyes is about a pair of friends-turned-enemies who end up getting stranded and lost in the wild due to unforeseen circumstances that shall go unnamed due to spoiler-y reasons. The pair, Zorie and Lennon have to face some dangerous obstacles that they encounter in the wild as well as their undeniable feelings for each other.

The last sentence is the one I have major problems with the fact that they have feelings for each other is so obvious it made me groan that Zorie was so unaware of them and Lennon as well. I was so triggered just reading “I like Brett but Lennon…” it was clear from the very beginning that they liked each other (basically from page 22 when Lennon was first introduced) but it was this whole “No I can’t like Lennon because of ‘what he did to me at Homecoming.’” When they resolve “what happened at homecoming” it is already page 300 and that leaves only 120 pages of content that actually interested me. Yes, there was basically 300 pages of absolute slowness that I purposefully read very slowly. It didn’t really excite me at all (apart from the “evil anime character” description of Lennon)

But I think that that is enough negatives from me some positives that I really liked was the writing style. The only way I can describe Jenn Bennett’s writing style is like a rich and thick caramel sauce. It was just so beautiful to read her work which is a description I don’t use that often. There are some authors who’s writing seems rushed or undescriptive but I can go on forever about the descriptions and writing style of Bennett’s. Another positive is the diverse characters which are always fantastic to read about and the fact that Zorie is half Korean made my KPOP loving heart hysterical and go into over drive. The way Bennett also addressed the parents especially her dad and his… ways… deserved a big round of applause too.

To sum up, it was a good book where neither the bad nor good points outweighed each other basically there were many things I hated and others I enjoyed but I just think the book could have been paced faster given that for 300 pages I was really bored. All in all I’m rating this a 3.5 because I’m still on the fence about it.