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Still Life With Tornado by A.S King Book Review

What. A. Novel! I loved this book which was very surprising since I honestly was suspecting the worst but I was captivated throughout the whole 295 pages! It was probably the least cliché book I have read in the sense that it was a play on the whole term of “cliché” because the main character, Sarah tried so hard to be original trying to do things that are un-cliché that I loved it so much.

Sarah’s parents tell her that she is a talented artist with a bright future ahead of her but now she can’t draw a thing not even her hand. All the while there is a ten-year-old version of herself with a clear memory of a vacation to Mexico that ruined everything. But she’s bright in comparison to her twenty-three-year old self with a bad attitude and then there is her forty-year old self that makes good dips and doesn’t wear a bra. They walk around her city along with a homeless man named Earl all worried about her future. But Sarah’s future isn’t the issue it’s the now where she’s having an existential crisis or maybe those other Sarah’s are trying to wake her up before she’s lost forever in the tornado of her parent’s marriage.

It’s not everyday you read something as original as this. I think everyone can agree with me with the fact that we don’t get many books that have different versions of the main character that are relatable and funny to read about. It was all very fun to read especially since the book didn’t label Sarah with any mental health issue (which would’ve made the story “heavier” than it was) it was just really light hearted and made me laugh at the right moments.

All in all, I understand why lots of people are saying great things about this novel I definitely recommend it to everyone!!




Great review. I really wish I could write reviews like you!

17th Oct, 18

Aww thanks Bane I'm sure yours are even better :)

18th Oct, 18

Where do you get all of these cool design ideas?! I just get my images off the internet!

25th Oct, 18