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Strange The Dreamer (Strange The Dreamer #1) By Laini Taylor


WHY IS IT THAT I FALL IN LOVE WITH A CHARACTER AND SOMETHING HAPPENS TO THEM THAT MAKES ME JUST WANT TO SCREAM VERY VERY LOUDLY AT THE BOOK! It only happens in Laini Taylor novels where I fall in love with the characters: full on love heart eyes emoji face and then she just rips my soul in two. I thought that after reading the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series that perhaps my feels will be spared but unfortunately that was not the case at all with Strange The Dreamer

Basically it’s about this really adorable smol bean librarian named Lazlo Strange, he doesn’t have any parents and has been raised among books and his own dreams of a magical derelict city where gods used to roam years ago named Weep. When a golden opportunity presents itself in the “Godslayer”, Strange takes the opportunity to go with him to uncover the secrets of the city but questions start arising such as who is the blue haired goddess who appears in his dreams and why did he dream a god before he knew she existed?

I loved it all from Taylor’s exquisite writing to the land and world building of Weep. I loved the characters and how they had so many layers to them like an onion. Especially the love interest of Sarai who was the “Muse of Nightmares” who had an ability to create dreams into nightmares. Sarai used to love her ability but now it’s become a curse when she just wants to help and reach people instead of being an invisible ghost in a dream. She was so much fun to read about! Especially since I was expecting this sort of Sarah J Maas-esque female heroine the types of which I’ve become so used to seeing in Young Adult Fantasy books/series. But Sarai seemed as real as a character as you or me. It seemed like she was made of blood and atoms instead of word magic and I loved that about Strange The Dreamer

Another thing I loved was Lazlo. He was a literal smol and I was cheering him on throughout the book wanting him to meet with Sarai in real life. But at the back of my head I expected a sort of Romeo and Juliet like ending. I’m not going to spoil anything but I’m just warning you and your soul to be ready for whatever Laini Taylor can inflict on you.




inky Centre for Youth Literature

Amazing art work! Thanks for sharing!

8th Oct, 18

All good thanks Inky <3 :D

8th Oct, 18