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We all know Twilight has MANY problems so I decided to try making Twilight better :) So in this version I made it more horror movie-esque (because seriously how boring is it that it's a movie with vampires and nothing actually happens that is dark and creepy *eye rolls*) with more blood and I GOT RID OF EDWARD (in the worst way possible), made Jacob x Bella a thing and got rid of Bella's (no offence but stupid) magic power of shielding others and gave her something MUCH COOLER!

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Tokyo Ghoul fan art

HELLO THERE!!! Long time no see! It's been so long since I've done a one-on-one post instead of a book review. It's always nice to read don't get me wrong but reading TOO much is unhealthy especially given the fact that I've stayed up WAY past 2am just finishing books which...

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