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The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune book review

ARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

I simply DEVOURED this book!

I don’t think I have ever loved a book as much as I loved The Extraordinaries! It’s hands down one of my favourite reads of this year and probably even established its name in my list of favourite books of all time. It had everything I could possibly have wanted in a book: an amazing character voice, great dialogue/banter, well written awkwardness, cute dorky characters, ADHD representation, superheroes and fandoms! What wasn’t there to love? I found myself laughing, crying and going beetroot red at some scenes. I just couldn’t take my eyes off this ARC it was just beautiful and I truly have no words to express how I feel. I didn’t think I would love this book as much as I did but I’m just so glad I picked it up.

I saw it being marketed a lot on Goodreads and I knew that this was a book to look out for. It had lots of positive reviews so I knew already it was enjoyed by a vast majority of readers. I think what really got me was the superhero and ADHD rep especially since I never read a book with a focus on it. Although I haven’t personally been diagnosed with it, I believed that the representation was quite accurate and you could see it all the way through the novel in Nick’s character. He was loud, upbeat, dorky, awkward and he had a lot of heart making him a character I instantly fell in love with. He had his flaws but he tried his hardest at school and had a real passion for the Shadow Star fandom.

The whole idea of this Shadow Star vs Pyro Storm plot line was just genius and I was entirely engrossed in it. I loved how the extraordinaries and being extraordinary became a major component of Nick’s life. It was through this that we really got a sense of his personality and character. Nick was determined and although he had good intentions, a lot of his plans fell through. Nevertheless I was entirely enthralled and I found that those parts were the greatest components of the whole book. The scene with the mud and the drag queen ring would forever reign superior. It was safe to say, Nick was no less a hero of the story than Pyro Storm or Shadow Star.

Continuing on with Nick’s characterisation, I absolutely loved he was oblivious to everything and a lot of the secrets his friends were keeping. I already worked out the big secret on page 68 to be exact but it took Nick almost 200 more pages to work it out. I was screaming at my screen for Nick to work it out and although I was slightly infuriated with him, I loved him nonetheless. He was so dorky and cute and I loved his relationship with Seth. It just made my heart swoon!

But it wasn’t just characters, ADHD and superheroes that this book got right, there was a strong focus on friendships and family relationships. I loved the interactions with Nick’s dad and Seth’s family and thought they really gave the book a whole new dimension especially to Seth’s character and the Shadow Star/Pyro Storm rivalry. There also were Nick’s friends Gibby and Jazz, a badass lesbian couple whose sarcasm never wavered throughout the duration of the novel. That whole scene with Gibby, Shadow Star and Nick was the best thing I have ever read this whole year hands down. It was so awkward and Gibby’s remarks really made it shine.

There was also so much diversity in this book it made me so happy. Almost every character was either gay, lesbian or bisexual and there was racial diversity too: always a positive.

In terms of storyline, plot and pacing I thought it really worked with this book. I was never bored and thought the pacing was just right: neither too fast nor too slow and I was constantly excited to read on. I thought that the contemporary style writing gave the book an edge and helped to intertwine the action/superhero plot arc with the fandom/friendships and personal life of Nick to make a dynamic and interesting read.

All in all, I absolutely loved The Extraordinaries to bits. This book definitely is going on my favourites list.





17th Jun, 20

Such a good book!!

17th Jun, 20