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The Goddess Twins by Yodassa Williams Book Review

ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

I’m really sitting on the fence with this book to be honest.

On one hand I disliked the characterisation of some of the side characters and their dialogue but on the other I liked the themes, backstories and the villains. I’m really 50/50 on this one and I think I’ll be rating it an overall 3 stars.

The premise of the book was simply delightful and I couldn’t help but quick the request button straight after I read the synopsis. It featured two sisters who go on a quest to rescue their mother only to discover family secrets and a dangerous and sinister plot centuries in the making. Okay I must admit it does sound a bit cliché but I do get excited when superpowers are involved in the books that I am reading. I was ecstatic to see telekinesis and telepathy at the forefront of The Goddess Twins. and little glimpses into time manipulation and shapeshifting too. It made the book so much more interesting and gave it another dimension.

Apart from the superpowers, I didn’t expect myself to get a book so centred on sexism and racism. It kind of built up the dynamic of the villain and his corrupt mentality in which he ends up wanting to kill the goddesses out of sheer jealousy and for their power despite them being a part of his family. I thought his characterisation was well rounded through the stories Gran Gran told Arden and Aurora. That being said though, there were a few loop holes such as him leaving during the peak of the plot and him not trying to save his evil plan he was trying to execute for centuries. I reckon that could be easily tied up with a sequel especially since the ending was pretty open for a stand-alone.

Since a sequel hasn’t been confirmed, I’m going to rate this based off of this book alone and I think it’s time to mention some of the things I really disliked. One being Arden’s and Aurora’s cousins from London. Their dialogue was very cringy and I found myself wanting to skip some of those scenes just to avoid it. Unfortunately, superpowers could not save my love for the cousins.

Speaking of family, I enjoyed the unravelling of the plot and the backstory of the male figures however, there were a lot of loopholes within it such as the brotherhood and the mysterious kidnapped girls. I wanted to know more about them and I think the author could’ve delved into it deeper than she did. I hope that there’s a sequel… I have so many questions that need answering!

All in all, good and bad points but I definitely can see this becoming a sound series.