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The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas Book Review

I can definitely see why this book was hyped up. It seemed like this was the most talked about book in all of 2017 with even John Green saying that it was stunning. Now having read it… a year later in 2018, and definitely behind on the hype, I can see why people loved it. It had this fast-paced storyline, this sense of community and theme of family surrounding the drama. The only major problem I had with it was the street slang that I occasionally got stuck on but other than that I found this an enjoyable read.

Basically, it was about this girl named Starr who lives two lives one at the expensive school in a good suburb and her home life in a bad neighbourhood and dangers. Starr has always learnt to be quiet but after the death of her friend Khalil who got shot by a policeman while he was unarmed she learns that she needs to use her voice and speak against the injustice.

It was fast-paced as I said before obviously raising great themes and topics that we speak highly of in the media nowadays such as racism and gun violence. I think I would’ve loved it even more if I wasn’t so stumped on the slang but I understand that it was necessary in creating the characters. Speaking of which, there were many characters and at first it taken a while to get my head around them but once I did I started loving them.

I liked Starr but she was pretty similar to other main characters who are introverted and have hard lives. I’m kind of getting sick of that book character cliché and it feels like I can’t escape those kinds of main characters. But other than that I agree that it is an extremely powerful debut novel by Angie Thomas and I agree with readers that it definitely is a must-read.