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The Lumberjanes (1-8) by Noelle Stevenson Book Review

It’s been too long since I have read The Lumberjanes! I must admit I was so excited to get back to the world of one of my favourite Graphic Novel series’ that I was jumping for joy and even eyeing my library’s bookshelves for the next instalments and wishing that they bought more!

When they eventually did I grabbed the nearest Lumberjanes book and BINGE. READ. And I guess it was because of all this binge reading and reading in the dark and rushing through it that The Lumberjanes just lost that magic for me. I think maybe if I wasn’t doing all the aforementioned things then maybe it would’ve been better for me and I would’ve been more generous with my review of THE SERIES but I don’t think I can be.

So what even is The Lumberjanes about?

It’s about this group of 5 girls: Mal, April, Jo, Molly and Ripley who embark on epic quests during their time at their camp (The Lumberjanes camp) they fight evil and save the world from doom.
With me only a few stories stood out: Books 1,2 and 5. In book 1, Beware the Kitten Holy, they uncover this mysterious code with the background of Ancient Greece (WHICH GAVE ME THE FEELS!) with Artemis and Apollo showing up. Book 2 as that was sort of the sequel to the first novel and the 5th book because MERMAIDS!! Enough said!!

But other than that, none of the other books really fascinated me or excited me. Expect for the whole LGBTQ+ romance between these two characters that I loved watching unfold. I wish that the whole series was more focused on what they have together! They are really cute!!

All in all I rate the series 3 stars for colour, personality and fun!