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The Prince and the Dressmaker by JenWang book review

Re-Read: My thoughts are the same as I re-read… so very cute <3


This was such a light hearted read! It was such a great break from all the pressures of work and assignments it was much needed and I honestly did treasure each page. I was astounded by the storyline, the characters and how in 288 pages it raised a big issue in it’s bright coloured graphic novel pages! I would absolutely recommend it and shove this in everyone’s faces!

I really do think that this year I have been blown away by the standard of graphic novels and how there is so much more diversity in them and that diversity is growing each day and each year. I’m always really happy whenever I see books with LGBTQ+ representation or they have a main character that is not necessarily white or when they are pushing the barriers in fiction nowadays. So far in March I have readHeartstopper by Alice Oseman and I can safely say it has become one of my favourite graphic novels (and novels) ever! Although The Prince and the Dressmaker did not top such an acclaim from me, I still was captivated and by the end of the book I just wanted to give everyone a hug.

It was a really light hearted read, nothing too heavy as you can see in YA epic fantasy or heavy romance books. Although this book had a tad bit of romance, it wasn’t focused on that aspect but more so on one of the main characters, Sebastian: the crown prince who likes to wear dresses and the dressmaker who creates the dresses he wears. It dealt with the concept of male masculinity in a way that wasn’t confronting but more so fun and enjoyable. I wanted Frances to create a dress for me like Sebastian’s alter-ego: Lady Crystallia! This is what we need in graphic novels and in YA, we need people to know that it’s okay to embrace who you are. Who cares if you are a boy and you like dresses? We need to tell the world that’s okay! I’m so excited to see more books breaking the barriers of male masculinity!




I love this book so much!! I read it a few weeks ago and it's now one of my favorite graphic novels! I love the review! 🤗

26th Apr, 19

awww thank you!! I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH TOO!!!!!!! <3

26th Apr, 19