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The Queen's Revenge (Own writing/"THE BOOK THAT STARTS IN THE MIDDLE") preview/prologue

Hey guys!

I thought I might as well post some of my own ACTUAL LEGITIMATE WRITING. As in my story writing not just my ordinary everyday/book reviewing/fangirling writing. BUT AN ACTUAL preview of “THE BOOK THAT STARTS IN THE MIDDLE” the story that many people said to write!

This is a PROLOGUE not exactly a chapter as such. But I really (x100) hope you enjoy it. I have been trying to piece together things (especially considering the fact that it started in the middle) and this was what I whipped up!  Please enjoy reading! <3<3



In my dreams, two girls ran. They ran from the midnight mists and into the thicket of trees that make up the forest I know so well. The trees here tower over everything from the black bugs on the ground to the birds that rest on the high branches for the night. In the night, at this ungodly hour, the trees looked so much more menacing than they did in the daytime when the light shines through the bright green leaves. They gave way to the shadows and monsters that hid in the darkest shadows. I sat behind some bushes watching on from the sides. I watched the way one of the girl’s messy blonde braid flew behind her coming undone as she ran away occasionally looking behind her to see if her sister is following her. Her sister was a pretty little thing. Long brown hair cascading down her shoulders. Looking like a model without any effort even after such a run from their home lying miles away under the moon’s iridescent light.


“I can’t run anymore,” The second girl panted, her hands on her knees as she tried to regain her breath “Just go on without me.” She urged her sister onwards. The first girl with that blonde braid walked up to her sister and hugged her close to her body. She kissed her forehead before offering comforting words that neither them nor I knew were true, “It’s going to be okay, but you have to be strong. We have to be strong.” She held out her hand for her little sister to grab giving her one of her flashing smiles to which her sister smiled back.

If they weren’t so caught up offering their comforting words, they would’ve noticed that that something had caught up with them.

Fear writes its signature all over the first girl’s face and made her eyes widen in alarm.

That same fear stops their legs from running and a scream from escaping their throats.


The Arens. That’s what we call these creatures that now run through our countries forests, that claim the night, the sun and the sky their own. I can’t begin to describe their height but I know that they loom over the girls like wolves over prey. Their bodies are made of the skin and bones (and wings) of dead angels. The only difference are their eyes if you even can call them that.

They aren’t eyes as such. They are more like holes or voids that give way to total blackness. They hold a staff with sharp tips like blades or knives. From the way they stand and hold themselves I know that they are trained, that they know how to use this weapon as if it is an extension of their own hands.

They ride on massive wild boars with a fierce looks in their void-like eyes.

The girls are wishing for trouble and the Aren’s are more than happy to give it to them.


It’s always like this. It’s the same dream over and over again and it’s always this part that plays out. I know what happens next as if it is written on the back of my hands.

The first girl grabs her sisters hand pulling her as they try to stumble along, trying to run. Stupid enough to believe they can outrun trained soldiers. The soldiers run after them, silent as death: fast and deadly.


“Let your sister go. No trouble would come to you.” The Aren says in it’s native language. I don’t know how I know what he is saying but it’s almost like some sort of magic translator translating a language that I only heard maybe once or twice in real life. The first girl just grabs her sisters hand, yanking her and trying to get her to run. They don’t make it very far before one of the two soldiers grabs the first girl her arms flailing in an attempt to escape his strong hold on her. Another soldier grabs the other girl. Instead of just holding her there, the soldier takes the dark haired girl and takes her onto his boar. She doesn’t even fight back which shocks her sister even more. I think that she thought that her sister gave into the Aren’s already which provokes her into fighting the Aren’s arms even more. She doesn’t have weapons on her considering she’s only wearing a nightgown nor do I think she knows how to wield anything. She resorts to the only thing she knows how to use dangerously and that is her teeth. With her eyes shut she tries biting down onto his arm as hard as she can but even that is not enough to stop the Aren soldier from releasing her.


“NO!” She yells in between hysteric tears and anger as she watches on in horror as her sister is mounted onto the boar.

“I’m sorry my sister but this is the only way.” She looks down at her own hands then daring not to look into her sisters eyes. She’s trying to not say goodbye to her. I know all about goodbyes but this I know isn’t the way to do it. It doesn’t help that these are the last words she says to her as she rides with the soldier through the mist and into the unknown. Probably never to be seen again. Now, the girl in front of me is just crumbling. There’s no words to describe a woman’s pain but she slips through the Aren soldiers grasp and he lets her slide to the ground. His job is done and he knows it. But he can’t help himself when he kicks the girl to the ground. She doesn’t even fight it because she knows very well this is the end. The second soldier mounts his boar and follows his companion. The girl lets her tears fall in the lush grass and lets the mother moon take care of her. My legs hurt from sitting here, watching her in the moonlight. I fail to silently move and not make a sound. She looks up her gaze meeting mine. It’s the anger in her eyes that I didn’t help her, that I didn’t save her sister that it’s now too late to do anything stirs me from the dream that has slowly become a nightmare.


HOPE YOU ENJOYED!! Please leave comments below! This was my first time really sharing this story (as in nobody read this before. They read my NaNoWriMo story which (as I said) was really REALLY bad) so I really hoped this was good enough! This story has been brewing in my brain ever since early February last year but I hope you liked it. Just saying, that “girl” with the blonde hair is our MAIN CHARACTER. As I always say, I’m a sucker for those perspectives 😉

See you for now!





1st Apr, 18

hehe ;p

1st Apr, 18

This is so stunning, your use of words is truly magical. The creatures made of angels skin and bones and wings, such amazing imagery both gruesome and dark but intriguing and beautiful. You have a way with word.

1st Apr, 18

The angel skin Arens were an addition I made just yesterday. A million years ago I had this really creepy dream *yes this showed up when I was sleeping* where this woman ate kids and wore their skin. It was super creepy but I thought I might as well give a nice horror element to THIS story. (I'm a believer in using dreams in writing.) I'm glad you liked it! :D

1st Apr, 18

In reply to sylvs

That does sound super creeeeepy! Have you read The Call by peader o'guillian? It has a similar creepy vibe to it and I think you'd really like it

1st Apr, 18

In reply to rhapsody

I've had my eye on it for sometime! We have 2 copies in my school library! I read the graphic novel Through The Woods and a little bit of The Diviners by Libba Bray. *insert kind of creeped out face here* The stories I'm writing I'm hoping to make in the "same vein" as the worlds of The Mortal Instruments x Throne of Glass x ACOTAR. I had this really weird fascination with horror/paranormal/creepy dark stuff even when I was really young. It's really weird but I knew I'd write dark fantasy in the future a long time ago :P

1st Apr, 18

Woah this is super good, it's such a good perspective and amazing writing!! Totally hooked!

1st Apr, 18

Ahhh! THANK YOU! It means a lot <3

1st Apr, 18