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The Scattering (The Outliers #2) By Kimberley McCreight

I read the first book one year and three months ago. I really didn’t think that it was a good idea to read a thriller novels sequel so long after but it was alright because I found that I could easily read on from where I finished book 1 all those months ago where somebody texted Wylie “RUN” (yes, I remembered this cliff-hanger for a year don’t judge)


Obviously, there were some sketchy details that I forgot and were fuzzy in my mind’s eye but I got there in the end. Before I go on with the books synopsis I will just say that the thriller genre is one I don’t read that often. In fact, it is a genre that I barely read at all and yes, I can see why people read it (the thrill of it all and the tension and the suspense) but I just really don’t think that it is a genre that suits my personal tastes. Anyways so The Scattering takes off from where The Outliers finished with the text message that I mentioned earlier. Main character Wylie might have escaped the camp in Maine but she is far from safe from the people trying to hunt her down for her unique Outlier power where she has the ability to read people’s emotions. The plot thickens when Wylie discovers other girls just like her but is Wylie willing to help and save them?


I have a few things that I really hated about this book. By few I have to address 3 points




There was no plot. Sure, things happened in this book I mean it’s a thriller. Things are supposed to happen and while this book failed in that department the author definitely made this book thick with suspense and tension. Kimberley McCreight has done a very good job at this she kept the reader at the edge of their seat with suspense but the plotline was just so weak that I just wanted to be over and done with the book as soon as possible which leads me to my second point as to why this was so.




It was so far-fetched it was laughable. I just was screaming at every character. Like seriously if the characters didn’t make such stupid mistakes due to really stupid ideas then they wouldn’t have even been in the situation they are in in this book in the first place and that was what really annoyed me. That this whole situation in this book could’ve been avoided. I must admit book 1 was way worse with this far-fetched stuff I mean WHY WOULD YOU EVEN GO IN A STRANGERS CAR TO FIND YOUR FRIEND? SERIOUSLY I’M NOT SURPRISED THEY WEREN’T WHO THEY SAID THEY WERE BUT SERIOUSLY THAT IS A MASSIVE GIVEN! Also another issue I had was how no adults were looking out for them like THEIR KIDS ARE IN DANGER WHY ARE YOU DOING NOTHING ABOUT THIS? This just went against every single code in the parent handbook. Even if there is no parent handbook it is honestly COMMON SENSE TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD IT’S HUMAN INSTINCT AND NOBODY WAS TAKING CARE OF THE CHARACTERS JUST MAKES ME SO MAD! Also, please explain to me why the heck Wylie’s dad would leave the state 6 weeks after secret agents appear and try to kidnap your daughter! SERIOUSLY YOU ARE SUCH AN IRRESPONSIBLE PARENT ARE YOU SERIOUS! OF COURSE SHE THEN GOT ABDUCTED ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY YOU DID NOT SEE THIS COMING! AND THEN YOU TRY ACTING LIKE YOU CARE COMING BACK FROM WASHINGTON SHOCKED THAT YOUR DAUGHTER GOT TAKEN I got way too triggered but any sane person can see why I found this very annoying and infuriating.




Jasper was going through serious depression. It was obvious and yet nobody noticed or dealt with it. Wylie didn’t even seem to care like yes, she checked up on him but she never actually asked how he was feeling even after she discovered the journey entries from Cassie’s diary. She just went on with her life AND THEN JASPER TRIED COMMITTING SUICIDE FROM JUMPING OFF A BRIDGE. Of course, it was tackled and yes Jasper talked to Wylie afterward but it was more like “Cool you tried committing suicide now can we focus on the issue that we need to save some girls from POTENTIALLY (the girls were never actually physically hurt. Wylie just thought something very wrong was going on) dangerous people. The only thing they did was start a fire but even that cannot be evidence against them because there is no proof they did it in the first place. But I hated how the whole suicide thing was pushed aside. I HAD FRIENDS WHO WENT THROUGH THIS (DEPRESSION/SUICIDAL THOUGHTS/TENDENCIES) AND I GOT REALLY TRIGGERED. Look if you have depression or suicidal thoughts PLEASE talk to someone. But I hated how it was portrayed here.




Characterisation. Yes, I know that I said there were only 3 points but I thought there was a fourth point that should’ve been made. I don’t know who Wylie is and this is a big problem considering I went through 2 books. Honestly the only thing I can say about her is that she has serious anxiety. I hated that as well it felt as if her mental health issue defined her. YOUR MENTAL HEALTH DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. I don’t know what she does to relax or what she enjoys doing. Does she like cooking? Does she draw? Does she like reading? Don’t look at me for answers. But I secretly despised her character I don’t blame her brother Gideon for hating her. YES I ACTUALLY SAID THAT.


Ugh! I had enough of this book I see why I waited a whole year and three months to read the sequel and look I’m not having a go at this book but there were just some things that didn’t agree with me. Please tell me if you think otherwise but remember this is my own personal opinion and you are completely entitled to your own.