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USERNAME: EVIE (USERNAME #1) By Joe Sugg Book Review

At the start of the year, I was unsure whether to read USERNAME: EVIE or not. I thought that maybe this would’ve been another over-rated Youtuber story that should not have gotten the praise it deserved. On the contrary, Username Evie was an enjoyable read with an awesome story concept that astounded me and made me want to turn the colourful pages again and again.

USERNAME: EVIE is about an introverted girl called Evie who struggles to fit in at school. Constantly bullied by her cousin Mallory, she wishes to escape her sad, lonely reality. That is where Evie’s dad comes in. For years, he was working to create a virtual world of which Evie can escape to release the stresses of her everyday life. The program is called e.scape and the people there are influenced by the person who enters the gateway into its world. It all starts off happy, peaceful and calming until Mallory too, enters through the gateway and stirs up mayhem and trouble.

Told through beautiful illustrations, graphics and storyline USERNAME: EVIE was a fun, fresh and gripping read that I would recommend to all comic book lovers or sci-fi/fantasy fans!