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What if it's us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera book review

Okay so WHAT WAS THAT!?!

When I first found out about a Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera collab I almost (okay but lets be serious here) SCREAMED my head off. These two are a powerhouse writing couple. Let me compare them to the likes of the Bee Gees and Olivia Newton John and their collab onSuddenly or Elton John and George Michael or Steve Aoki and BTSICONIC!

So to be honest I had no idea what to expect. I knew that it would be about this boy who enters a post office and meets this cute guy called Ben as he’s shipping his ex boyfriends things back to him but other than that the blurb didn’t really tell me anything else. Nevertheless, this is Becky Albertalli we are talking about and I would gladly read even her shopping lists so of course I picked this book up and almost kissed the front cover in joyousness.

Was it Simon level amazing? Well no… but I still enjoyed it a lot and UWU-ed at the whole storyline that I became an absolute mumble jumble of word vomit. The ending was the thing that really caught me off guard. To be honest I didn’t really like the way it ended. I don’t know if thats just because I was a massive shipper, but I just really didn’t like how the book didn’t really tie everything up. In all honesty nothing really grabbed me in this book like Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda but I still liked this for a light read.




I totally agree with your opinion of the ending! It was so wrong I almost/ actually did cry! It made no sense! They were together and loved each other and they just couldn't manage to do a long-distance relationship? Simon and Bram did it and they weren't even in love (yet)! It just wasn't... grrr... it even makes me annoyed now! Also, the reaction to finding the book! I didn't even know it was out yet! I saw it and nearly squealed! :D

30th Nov, 18

Lol yes I was so hyped to read this and I have to admit I was sort of disappointed by the ending :'( I LOVE BECKY ALBERTALLI AND ADAM SILVERA COME ON

30th Nov, 18

The premise excites me more than Love Simon. Help I think I might be a blasphemer!

10th Jan, 19

All I can say is: Prepare your soul for an emotional rollercoaster

14th Jan, 19