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White Night by Ellie Marney Book Review

I thought it would be SO MUCH better but… I was very disappointed.

After doing a whole assignment on cults earlier this year I was so excited to actually read a book that highlighted cults and their leaders. I was so ready to psychoanalyse cult…ure and put that assignment into good bookish use and eagerly I opened the book up…

Only to find out towards the end that there was very little about cults and in fact I found that nothing really happened except for an uninteresting romance that didn’t have any real connection.

This was so disappointing given that White Night has been such a hyped up #LoveOzYA book and it has a super cool cover and everything. I thought the blurb sounded epic and I was so ridiculously keen to read it and it just fell short of my expectations especially with the characters.

For example with Bo, I found him really bland and there was nothing really to his character that made me truly fall in love with him. His reactions to things happening were average and as a reader, we didn’t find out much about him or the things he likes. Also the build up of his relationship with Rory just happened and there wasn’t much of a build up at all it was more like “home, school = see Rory, home, school = see Rory, home, school = see my girlfriend Rory.” Speaking of which, I found that there wasn’t anything that made Rory that special or amazing other than “she’s different and interesting.” As a romance reader, I couldn’t see what made them interested in each other in the first place and there wasn’t much of a romantic connection really.

But going back to the whole cult thing, it was a lot like “I don’t want Bo coming here anymore” to some massive thing happening towards the end that I became disinterested in. All in all, it wasn’t enough to bump my rating up unfortunately.

I am really sad that this book fell short for me and I know I won’t be eagerly reading it anytime soon 🙁