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Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4) by Marissa Meyer book review


This was a SMALL improvement from Cress I’ll give Marissa Meyer that but it was still so long and I seemed to have skipped over some pages or “speed-read” them. If truth be told the only part I was even a little bit interested in were the scenes told in Prince Kai’s perspective and even then there were barely any.

Basically the story was set in Cinder’s perspective (obviously) and also 2 new characters, Princess Winter and the Princess’s guard, Jacin who also is her love interest. The story was mainly told in their two perspectives but I really wasn’t interested in it. I was skimming through the book not caring about the ending at all. I still got through it though!

The reason why I disliked Winter is simply because of two things:

Princess Winter 



Yes. I am giving such a rating thanks to 2 characters. I REALLY HATED THEM not dislike. I. Hated. Them. I thought Jacin would “improve” or we would see a soft, delicate side to him in Winter than we did in Cressbut apparently not. He just seemed so hard and cruel and I still didn’t understand what his motives were at the end of Cress AND DON’T TELL ME IT WAS TO RETURN TO THE PRINCESS. Speaking of “The Princess” I understood that not using her gift made her go mad but her craziness was sometimes too overbearing and annoying to read about especially since so much of it was in her perspective. I was just cringing a little bit while reading the novel.

Scarlet and Wolf were played down which I liked. It was not so much focused on them but you could still see their relationship develop. Cress was still lovestruck about Thorne (it made me almost want to throw the 827 paged book out of the window) and even the Cinder scenes were annoying. Kai was the only character I was literally reading the book for and I am so upset that I just had to write that in all honesty.

All in all, Winter was a good conclusion to the Lunar Chronicles but I didn’t specifically enjoy reading it nor the other books in the series.