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Your Name (Your Name #1) by Makoto Shinkai Book Review

I love this manga already! Your Name has such a unique art style and storyline that it’s not hard to fall in love with it.

The book follows two students, Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha wishes she was a boy who lived in the city, Tokyo whereas Taki wishes he was a girl from a small village. The two miraculously change bodies and have to adapt to each others lives at least 2-3 times a week. Although this is the first book in the series, a great story arc can definitely be seen and continued on from volume 1 through to the end of the manga.

I loved the characters, the storyline and the art (which honestly just complemented the whole book) but I guess my main criticism was the start of the manga. It took me a while to understand what was going on but it got easier as it continued. With manga reading, I’m still learning how to read a manga correctly. Sometimes its bottom up, right to left other times it’s up to down, right to left. I was confused at some bits as to how to read it but in all honesty, I just read whichever way made sense to me.

All in all, a solid book. I found that the movie does the book justice too and it’s pretty similar to the manga from characters, the art, setting and storyline. I don’t think there’s anything the movie cut out. At least so far… I’ve only watch an hour of it.




I think I saw the movie somewhere... hmm... It sounds really cool though! I love graphic novels and I've read some manga, so I definitely check this out! ?

17th May, 20

Yes you definitely should! XD

17th May, 20